Top 10 Lakes in Udaipur to Visit in 2024: Enchanting Lakes with Historical Significance

Discover Udaipur's Top 10 Lakes: Beauty, History, and Tranquility Await


Udaipur is famously called the ’City of Lakes’ for a reason. It has the most enchanting lakes with historical backgrounds, although seven are man-made. These lakes add to the charm of the city, besides sacred temples, ornate palaces and the Aravalli hills. So which are these famous lakes of Udaipur and what are their chief features? Read on to find out about Udaipur’s top ten lakes.


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1. Fateh Sagar Lake 

Fateh Sagar Lake

The Fateh Sagar Lake is named after Maharana Fateh Singh, who improvised on this lake after it was first built in 1680. Its pristine waters are as alluring as they were centuries ago. This lake is crucial for the Udaipur locals as it fulfils their water requirements for the year. It is one of the best lakes with highlights such as boat rides and the beautiful Nehru Park. This park is situated inside the lake complex. Udaipur’s famous Solar Observatory is located nearby and is a must-see for all tourists.

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 2. Lake Pichola 

Lake Pichola

This artificial freshwater lake was built in 1362 AD and is named after the village of Pichola.  The lake was envisioned by Maharana Udai Singh II of Mewar. With his far-sightedness, Udai Singh proceeded with the dam construction in the Badipol area to create Lake Pichola. He wanted the city’s irrigation requirement to be met. So that there would be ample water supply.  Pichola Lake has gorgeous views of temples and hills in the backdrop of the city. It is comprised of four islands, Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, Arsi Vilas and Mohan Mandir. The Lake Palace of Udaipur is situated at the Jag Niwas and is a mesmerizing sight. The City Palace is also present on the river banks.



3. Udaisagar Lake

Udaisagar Lake

This is counted as one of the most wonderful lakes in Udaipur and was created in 1565.  It is situated atleast 13 km east of the city and is 4 km long. The lake was created when Maharana Udai Singh built a dam over the Berach River. The task was carried out to ensure a good water supply to the Mewar kingdom. Lake Udaisagar was created to channelise the excess dam water.  Its scenic beauty is unmatched, especially in the evening, at sunset. Lake Udai Sagar’s presence amidst the greenery, prominent birdlife and tiny waterfalls is amazing. Small wonder that it is a popular spot for nature lovers and amateur photographers. 



4. Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake

This lake was built in 1685 during the tenure of Maharana Jai Singh. He was keen to have a dam built on the Gomti River and as a consequence, Lake Jaisamand was created. The views from here are stunning and it is also the second largest artificial lake in Udaipur. There is also a prominent Shiva temple at the dam location. Jaisamand Lake is also the second-largest artificial lake in Asia and is 102 feet deep. Another name for it is the Dhebar Lak. 



5. Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake

This lake was built in the 17th century by Rana Raj Singh I in the Rajsamand district. This region is approximately 67 km from Udaipur. The lake is approximately 60 feet deep and the water inflow is from the Gomti River. It was even used as a seaplane base during World War II. There are marble terraces near it and nine arched pavilions constructed by Maharana Raj Singh. The story of various Gods and nature are intricately depicted on the pavilions. It is believed that the practice of Tuladan was initiated here at the pavilions. Further, there is a fleet of stone steps leading to the lake. The beauty of the Rajsamand Lake never ceases to amaze anyone

6. Badi Lake  

This is a quaint lake located in Badi village, approximately 12 km from Udaipur. Maharana Raj Singh constructed this lake to make provision for residents of the area. Due to the existing drought in the region. The ‘Badi ka talaaab’ is the well-known dam that was constructed here. The dam is almost a work of art with carvings and architectural elements. Today’s serene lake is surrounded by ample greenery, which makes it an attractive tourist area.  



7. Doodh Talai Lake

This lake is an ideal place for strolling and enjoying the scenic beauty of Udaipur. The garden near the lake offers a stunning view of the city. Doodh Talai, meaning Milk Lake in Hindi, is near Lake Pichola. One of the main events here is the Doodh Talai Musical Garden, a beautiful garden/ park that features musical fountains and lights. Visitors can enjoy the performances while the fountains continue to enthral. Machhla Magra Hill is another popular location as it gives panoramic views of Udaipur and the lakes. Visitors can reach the hilltop by a short trek.



8. Swaroop Sagar Lake

Swaroop Sagar Lake is named after King Maharana Swarup Singh of Udaipur.  This lake is also called the ‘Kumharia Talab’ and was built in the 19th century. The lake is made up of the Fateh Sagar and Pichola Lakes. The lake was built to keep water supplies optimum for the locals. In the region. What distinguishes the lake from other lakes of Udaipur is the fully functional dam perched on the lake that caters to the needs of vacationers. Out of the total lakes in Udaipur, it’s a famous picnic spot and visitors can enjoy boat rides too. The unusual aspect is the Rangsagar Island, which lies in the middle of the lake. Also, the reputed Udaipur Solar Observatory is existent on this island. Boat rides and beautiful natural surroundings can be enjoyed here.   



9. Govardhan Sagar lake

Goverdhan Sagar Lake is admired for its clean water and for maintaining the natural balance around it. With its crystal-clear waters and surrounding lush greenery, Govardhan Sagar Lake offers a tranquil escape from the fast pace of city life. People can often catch a glimpse of the migratory birds that visit the lake in winter. The lake is surrounded by hills and lush greenery, making it a natural haven. Often, tourists visit this place for its tranquillity and to take pictures.


10. Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake is a symbol of calmness in the dry nature of Rajasthan.  Boat riding and birdwatching are the two most popular activities here. It was set up in 1845 by Maharaja Vinay Khan. The best time to view this lake is at sunset when the waters gleam in sunset. There is an entry fee of Rs 100 to visit this site.

Udaipur is a historic city with ample charm and breathtaking views. Very few cities in the world can boast of having several lakes, each more magnificent than the other. Most lakes were created by the erstwhile Maharajas of Mewar, with the common man’s welfare in mind. So the next time you are contemplating a holiday, think of Udaipur!


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