Kolkata South Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

This article will focus on the Dakshin Kolkata Sabha result which was earlier known as Calcutta south Lok Sabha constituency. The Election Commission of India finally made public the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. _________ secured a majority of seats and will now form the central government. The  kolkata Dakshin Lok Sabha Constituency is located in the Southern part of Kolkata in West Bengal. The AITC, BJP and The CPI (M) are the majority party of West Bengal 2024 General elections. The elections in West Bengal in 7 phases from 19th April to 1st June.


Let’s examine the Dakshin Kolkata general elections of 2024 in more detail.



Dakshin Kolkata Lok sabha Constituency Result.


The Dakshin Kolkata constituency has a majority of three parties : AITC and CPI(M) and the BJP.  Mala Roy  was the candidate from AITC, Saira Shah Halim from the CPI(M) and Debashri Chaudhary was contesting the election with BJP’s ticket. As declared by the election commission of India ____________ has won the Dakshin Kolkata MP seat by ________ number of votes defeating ________ of ______ party.



Major Parties of Uttar Kolkata Lok Sabha Constituency.


The All India Trinamool Congress is an influential party in the state of West Bengal with leading politician being Mamata Banerjee who founded the party in 1998. The AITC is currently the rulling party in West Bengal. The party made history by winning the legislative assembly elections in 2011 by defeating the Left front who ruled for 34 years in the state. The party was Initially a part of the NDA that is the national democratic alliance in the term of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It left the NDA after 2006 West Bengal Legislative assembly elections.



The communist Party of India (Marxist) is a the largest party following the communist Ideology. The party was founded when it splitted from the Communist party of India. It was the longest serving Democratically elected government in the world that ruled for 34 years leading the Left front government in West Bengal. It is a dominant faction in Indian political spectrum.


The BJP is one of the two major parties in the Indian political platform and has been the ruling party since 2014, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party is associated with Right winged politics and has close links with ideologies of RSS- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The party’s core ideology is Hindutva or a Hindu Nationalist Ideology. It is also country’s biggest political party in the terms of representation in the parliament. The party was founded by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in 1951.



The Dakshin Kolkata Lok sabha constituency Candidates


Mala Roy, an Indian Politician has been the member of Lok Sabha from the Dakshin Kolkata Lok sabha constituency since 2019. She is also the Chairperson of Kolkata Municipal corporation and a member of all India Trinamool Congress.



Saira Shah Halim is the member of the communist party of India( Marxist). Her previous campaign was the Vidhan sabha election in Ballygunge in West Bengal 2022.


Debashree Chaudhary served as the minister of State for women and child development from 2019-21 in the Government of India. She has also won from Raiganj Lok sabha constituency in 2019 as a member of Bhartiya Janata Party.



Dakshin Kolkata Lok sabha constituency 2019 General elections Results.


The AITC with Mala Roy as it’s candidate secured the majority of votes- 47.50 % in the 2019 General elections defeating BJP who secured 34.64 % of votes.





As the Election commission of Indian has released the results of 2024 General Elections. The _________ will be forming the Government soon and the oath taking ceremony will be catching our attention.



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