Kannur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results: Check Out Who Won The Election! Detailed Analysis

 In This article we will discuss the Lok Sabha results for the state of Kerala. Today the election commission of India has finally declared the results for Lok Sabha election 2024 _______ party has won a _____number of seats and will be now creating a government in the centre. Kerala has 20 constituencies in Lok Sabha with Bharatiya Janata Party, Communist Party of India I(M) and Indian National Congress as major political parties of Kerala.


Kannur, formerly known as Cannore , is a municipal corporation in the state of Kerala which is regarded as a sixth largest urban agglomeration; it is situated near the city of Kochi which is considered  to be a port town. Kannur experiences a tropical monsoon type climate near the city of Kozhikode situated with this considered to be as the first place which Vasco da Gama visited during his Voyage of Discovery of India. The city of Kannur shows in brilliant Confluence of Portuguese and British cultures we can also witness various vibrant art forms like them which is a dance that is done for goddesses. The city of Kannur also have various scenic beauty’s in terms of beaches and forts that also show various kinds of histories. 



Today we will see what were the results of Kannur constituency in 2024 as per the data released by the election commission of India the total voter turnout in Kannur constituency is 77.21%.


Poll event
Phase II
Notification Date 28 March
Last Date for filing nomination 04 April
Scrutiny of nomination 05 April
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 08 April
Date of poll 26 April
Date of counting of votes/Result 04 June
No. of constituencies 20

As you know Kerala has 20 constituencies and the results for all 20 constituencies have been announced so let’s have a look at the results of the Kannur constituency.



Kannur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Election Result Table

Candidate Name Party Votes Received Percentage of Votes Margin of Victory
Kumbakudi Sudhakaran INC
M. V. Jayarajan CPI(M)
Raghunath BJP

Major parties at the election on Kannur

There were three major parties in the election of Kannur they were INC, BJP and CPI(M). 

Indian National Congress which was founded by A. O. Hume in 1805 was the leading party in the election of Cuttack. Earlier when India was a British colony Indian National Congress played a vital role in making India independent.

BJP which has been the ruling party since 2014 was founded in 1955 in the form of Bhartiya Jan Sangh by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who left Hindu Mahasabha to form it. Later after the revocation of the emergency various other parties merged with Bharatiya Jana Sangh and the Janata Party which later came to be known as Bharatiya Janata Party

Communist party of India which is abbreviated as CPI(M) was born as a fraction of Communist Party of India which was formed in 1925 and carried out various rebellions in the states of kerala andhra pradesh and kerala.later when india became independent under the leadership of Jawaharlal nehru when india developed good relations with soviet union they said to the Indian communist to have accommodative stance with indian government. It is one of the national parties of india and got splitted in 1986.



Candidates in Kannur constituency-

This year Kumbakudi Sudhakaran who also the chairman of Kerala pradesh congress committee is contesting from the seat of Kannur. He is also serving in parliamentary Committee on Rural Development.

From CPI(M) this year M. V. Jayarajan is contesting elections . He also served as joint secretary to the youth wing of CPI(M). 

Raghunath is contesting elections from the ticket of BJP this year from Kannur seat. He declared himself as a hospital consultant and a post graduate in his election affidavit. Also as per the election affidavit he has several criminal cases pending before the court. Some of them are of grievous nature.



 Results of Kannur constituency

This year———  party won the election with a margin of  ——-       votes from other candidates.


2019 General election results

In 2019 K. Sudhakaran from Indian National Congress won from almost 8% votes from his opponent P.K. Sreemathi from Communist Party of India (marxist).



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