Kancheepuram Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Kancheepuram, a prominent Lok Sabha constituency in Tamil Nadu, witnessed a closely contested electoral battle during the 2024 elections, reflecting the region’s socio-political diversity and electoral dynamics.

Socio-Political Landscape and Historical Context

Kancheepuram, renowned for its cultural heritage and religious significance, is emblematic of Tamil Nadu’s rich socio-political tapestry. The constituency’s electoral landscape is influenced by factors such as urbanization, agriculture, and religious affiliations, shaping voter sentiments and electoral outcomes.

Election Results and Performance

In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Kancheepuram saw a spectrum of candidates representing various political parties, each striving to secure the electorate’s mandate. The constituency’s electoral history reflects the region’s shifting political allegiances and the impact of developmental initiatives on voter preferences.

2024 Election Results:

Candidate Party Votes Vote Share (%)
Candidate Name Party Name XXX,XXX XX.XX
Candidate Name Party Name XXX,XXX XX.XX
Candidate Name Party Name XXX,XXX XX.XX

Key Candidates and Voter Turnout

The voter turnout for the Kancheepuram constituency in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections stood at [Voter Turnout]%, underscoring the electorate’s active participation in the democratic process. Key candidates from major political parties contested vigorously to secure the trust of the voters.

Key Candidates:

  • Candidate Name (Party Name)
  • Candidate Name (Party Name)
  • Candidate Name (Party Name)


In conclusion, the Kancheepuram Lok Sabha Election 2024 results underscore the region’s democratic ethos and the electorate’s role in shaping the political discourse of Tamil Nadu. The elected representative’s mandate is to champion the constituency’s interests and work towards its holistic development on the national stage.

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