Kakinada Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Kakinada Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Kakinada constituency 2024, Lok Sabha election


Kakinada is one of the 25 constituencies from Andra Pradesh that are also under consideration to convert into a smart city like Visakhapatnam by the Andra Pradesh. This constituency is also well known for an Andra delicacy called Kaja. It does not end at Kaja, Kakinada is a significant industrial sector of edible oil refineries, fertilizers, and natural gas operations which act as a major economic stabilizer. The economy is further supported by major contributions from the agriculture sector, with rice and coconut being staple products. 



In the political scenario, the constituency witness ever-evolving preferences. Based on recent events, Kakinada observed the rise of high and tight contests between the Telegu Desam Party and the YSR Congress Party. Who is going to be the chosen party today to make a legacy in these 5 years? 


Poll Events Phase IV
Notification Date  18th April
The Last Date for filing a nomination 25th April
Scrutiny of nomination  26th April
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 29th April
Date of Poll  13th May
Date of counting votes/result 4th June
No. Of constituencies 25



List Of Candidates who participated running for the 2024 Lok Sabha Election in Kakinada Constituency


                Candidate                   Party                     Vote
Mallipudi Mangapati Pallam Raja INC
Kandregula Narasimham BSP
Yedida Vara Prasad Kumar RPI (A)
Chalamalasetty Sunil YSRCP
Bugatha Bangarrao CPI (ML) (L)
Dr. Anusha Yadav BCYP
Yenugupalli Krishna JRBHP
Tangella Uday Srinivas (Tea Time Uday) JSP
Tangella Srinivasu JSSP
Bhavani Sanhar Prasad Merla IND
Boddeti Apparao IND
Pasupuleti S.V.S Bhushanam IND
Sudha Vera Ganesh IND


Major Parties in Kakinada and overall Andra Pradesh



Telegu Desam Party and YSR Congress Party have been holding a strong political ground during the past two 2019 and 1014 Lok Sabha Elections. The political climate of Kakinada during 2024 was observed the same with these two parties coming up with their best vision for the land and the people making it hard for the people of Kakinada to decide who deserves their vote to trust their voices and collective needs. Who is it?? We already have the name today and finally, bring closure to this election episode of 2024. 


Winning Candidate of the Lok Sabha Election, 2024, Kakinada Constituency, Andra Pradesh



The counting of votes is wrapped up, the result that is going to be valid for the next five years has been declared by the election committee of India, and [Name] of the [] party has made it from Kakinada Constituency, The 2024 Lok Sabha Election winning [] votes from the 80.30% voter turnout and defeating [] from the first runner-up [] party by [] who has managed to gather [] voter. Finally!


2019, The Lok Sabha Election, Kakinada Constituency, Andra Pradesh



The winning party in the 2019, Lok Sabha Election of Kakinada Constituency, Andra Pradesh was Vanga Guthaviswanath from YSP Congress Party with 537630 votes relieving him from his closest competing candidate Chalamasetty Sunil from Telegu Desam Party by 25748 votes who managed to receive 511892 votes. That was a massive win of the YSP Congress Party against the Telegu Desam Party 2019 General Election.


Fate has been sealed and the result has been declared. We hope we have delivered your happy news and this will never be the last election to be conducted, there are many more to come and we hope we will keep covering your favorite result. There is a chance for everyone, if it’s not this time then in the future. Wishing [name] and supporter of [party] hearty congratulations for their evergreen spirit despite bad weather and rough tides.


5 years is a short time to be wasted but a long time to realize many dreams, making them into reality.

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