Complete List of Candidates For Jammu & Kashmir Lok Sabha Elections 2024

In the upcoming Jammu & Kashmir Lok Sabha elections of 2024, many people are competing for seats in Parliament. Different political parties are involved, like the INC, JKNC, BSP, and BJP. They have chosen candidates from various backgrounds and experiences to represent them in different areas of Jammu & Kashmir.

These elections are important because they will decide who will represent the region in Parliament. The candidates will talk about important issues like development, security, and identity politics, which affect the lives of people in Jammu & Kashmir.

This article aims to give you all the information you need about the candidates and parties running in these elections. Whether you’re interested in politics or just want to stay informed, this article will help you understand what’s happening in Jammu & Kashmir’s political scene.

Jammu & Kashmir Lok Sabha Election 2024 Candidate List



Jammu & Kashmir Lok Sabha Election 2024 Candidate List:-

Candidate Name Constituency Party
Jugal Kishore Sharma Jammu BJP
Raman Bhalla Jammu INC
Ch. Lal Singh Udhampur INC
Dr. Jitendra Singh Udhampur BJP

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