Jaipur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result: BJP has won by 331767 Seats

Jaipur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Today, the Election Commission of India finally declared the Lok Sabha election result for Jaipur for 2024. The election took place on 19 April 2024. As per the results, the Bharatiya Janata Party has won by 331767 seats. Jaipur Lok Sabha constituency is one of Rajasthan’s 25 Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies. Five prominent parties contested the election, namely the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), and Socialist Unity Center of India communist (SUCI C).  Let’s go through the results of the Jaipur General Elections,2024. 


Poll event Phase
Notification Date 20 March 28 March
Last Date for filing nomination 27 March 4 April
Scrutiny of nomination 28 March 5 April
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March 8 April
Date of poll 19 April 26 April
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 12 13


Result for Jaipur Lok Sabha election 2024:

As declared by the Election Commission of India, MANJU SHARMA (Bharatiya Janata Party) won the Jaipur Lok Sabha election by 331767 votes with an overall voter turnout of ____%.


Major parties in Jaipur:

Bharatiya Janata Party and Indian National Congress are India’s two most well-known and powerful parties with strong opposition to each other. Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the prominent political parties in India that has been ruling in India under Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. On the other side, the Indian National Congress is another prominent and principal leader of the independence period.


Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) also took part in the election. This party essentially represents the “Bahujan”, which means scheduled casts, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, and religious minorities. It was founded by Kanshi Ram in 1984. 



Another major party of the Jaipur constituency Lok Sabha election 2024 is the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) SUCI(C). It is an anti-revisionist Communist party in India. It follows the Marxist-Leninist ideology. According to this India is a capitalist country with trends of monopoly capitalism.


The last one is the Right to Recall Party (RRP), an Indian registered political party. It was founded by a Delhi IIT graduate, Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, in March 2019 with the purpose of giving publicity to the drafts of right to recall laws on PM and CM in India via elections.

Jaipur Lok Sabha constituencies and candidates:

From 5 different parties, Five candidates fought for the seats.



Pratap Singh Khachariyawas contested from the INC. He is also the spokesperson of the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee and has been president of the Jaipur Congress since 2015. He is also the former cabinet minister of the Food and Civil Supplies Consumer Affairs government of Rajasthan.


Manju Sharma, the daughter of the previous legislator of Hawa Mahal, Bhawar Lal Sharma, is representing the BJP in Jaipur. Similarly, Rajesh Tanwar, a businessman, fought on behalf of  BSP. From SUCI(C), Kuldeep Singh, a social activist, contested and from Shashank Singh Arya represented.



2024 Jaipur Lok Sabha Election Results:



Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BJP Manju Sharma 886850 +331767
INC Pratap Singh Khachariyawas 555083 -331767
BSP Rajesh Tanwar 3461 -883389
SUCI(C) Kuldeep Singh 615 -886235
RRP Shashank Singh Arya 393 -886457
NOTA None of the above 10428 -876422

2019 Jaipur Lok Sabha election results:

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, only three major parties took part, and they are BJP, INC and BSP. BJP won by 63.45 % of votes and with a turnout of 68.48%. An overall report of the same is given below.



2019 Jaipur Lok Sabha Election Results:

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BJP Ramcharan Bohra 924,065 63.45 3.02
INC Jyoti Khandelwal 493,439 33.88 8.94
BSP Umrao Salodia 7,867 0.54 0.14
NOTA None of the Above 6,522 0.45 0.19
Independent Babita Wadhwani 265 0.05 N/A


Majority 430,626 29.57 11.96
Turnout 1,456,506 68.48 2.24
BJP hold


The general elections of 2024 have come to an end. The wait is finally over. The (….) party is ready to create a new government in India. It has secured (….)seats in the Lok Sabha. India is going to witness the ruling of this new government. New developments with new expectations are on the way. Awaiting a bright future for the nation.



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