Jaipur International Airport: Terminals, Flights, Transportation & More

Jaipur International Airport Guide: Terminals, Flights, Transportation & More

Every airport in every state is the gateway to the state and leads to you by airways, a marvel of modern human civilization here is everything you need to know about Jaipur International Airport.

Jaipur Airport is one of the airfields located 13 km from Jaipur, serving the capital of Rajasthan, and is renowned for being the 13th busiest operating airport daily in India located in the southern part of Sanganer. 



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The Number of Terminals Jaipur International Airport is comprised of


Jaipur International Airport is one of the most frequented airports in the Golden Triangle, a tourist circuit in India that connects Agra, Jaipur to the capital, Delhi


Terminal 1

Jaipur International Airport has two terminals where Terminal 1 is now operating for Cargo services. Initially, until July 2012 This terminal was used to operate international flights, but changes were brought by the airport authorities after July 2012, and the international flight operation was shifted to terminal 2 after that.



However, in 2017, a new plan was considered to initiate in order to disperse the crowd loads from Terminal 2 by resuming some flight operations back to Terminal 1 once again. To make this planning application without disturbing the functionality of terminal 1 a part of the cargo operations will have to be relocated from there. 

In 2017, renovation work was initiated in a part of Terminal 1 and made it fully serviceable by 2019, May by adding an expansion of 18,000 sq/m and it will be only open to international departures and arrivals.

The renovation gave a new outlook to the Jaipur International Airport by adding a Rajasthani look to the architecture.



Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is now catering only to domestic flights


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Dining and Shopping Experience at The Jaipur International Airport


Jaipur being a significant cultural heritage hot spot of India makes the international airport one of the busiest airports in India. The best time to visit Jaipur without having to fight against the heat waves is ideally from November to February. During this peak season, chances of getting lost and carried away by the crowd are an expected normal. From the month July to September, people come to Jaipur to witness the Teej festival and engaging a refreshing safari after monsoon sprinkles and showers. The airports thus remain busy receiving and sending away tourists, arriving and departing from the destination.



One thing airports are a very ideal place to shop is free duty liquor shopping. But this facility is open to only foreigners. It is also an ideal place for one last shopping stop in case you missed out on buying souvenirs while participating in adventure activities this destination offers you.

Dining at the airport, however, is something other than something one would be ideally recommended for eating at the busiest place can make you swift away by the rushing energy concentrated in the place unless you want a quick lunch/snack/dinner pick up.



Development and expansion plans


Did you know air traffic also exists?

One might wonder how, let us look into what the Jaipur Airport Authorities have in their layout and strategic planning to reduce the pressure of increasing crowds in their international airport.

In the 2016 expansion planning layout, it is taken to consider newly constructing a new airport in Jaipur to enhance tourism development by increasing foreign arrivals. 



The International Airlines and the Destinations Jaipur International Airport engage with


Airlines International Destinations 
Air Arabia Sharjah
AirAsia Kuala Lumppar-International
Air India Express Dubai-International
Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi (resumes on 15 June 2024)
SalamAir  Muscat 
SpiceJet  Dubai-international
Star air  Belgaum 
Thai AirAsia  Bangkok-Don Mueang


How to get to the Jaipur International Airport


Jaipur International Airport is situated 8 km away from the city center, Jaipur. You can pick up a bus from the Sodala bus stand, which reaches the Jaipur International Airport. You can also book an online bus reservation for an inexpensive and hassle-free experience.



Pre-paid Cab services are also available at the Jaipur International Airport, however, it can be a little more expensive depending on the nature of traffic and time of the day. It is recommended to book a pre-paid auto-rickshaw if you are looking for less cost.


Other facilities you can access at the Jaipur International Airport



30-minute free wifi is provided to anyone in the Jaipur International Airport. Lounge room, and wheel wheelchair service can be added while you are booking your ticket. An escalator connects the two terminals, in case you are dropped at the wrong gate you can save your stress and sweat and use this service.


How to catch an international flight at the Jaipur International Airport


There is a first time for everything for everyone, there is no shame about not knowing how to board an international flight, whether is it at Jaipur International Airport or anywhere internationally or domestically. The staff members at the airport are there for you, feel no hesitation to seek help from them or you might end up missing your flight and lose your money. There are also helpful influencers and many content creators who upload their experiences that can also be used as a guidebook. Help is given anywhere at any time at any airport, all you have to do is just ask.



Travels, experiences, and tips


Always do your extensive research before you travel anywhere for the first time. Book a ticket a little ahead of time to minimize the cost of the airway, always be 3 hours early to report. Anything can come up with anyone at any time, so there is no harm in being cautious with preparation. 



When you are here at Jaipur International Airport to visit the Pink City, a core culturally rich place, the city waits for you to give you a royal experience and hospitality, always start your experience with the infamous Jaipur saffron chai and Aloo-pyas-kachori.

Jaipur International Airport me aap ka Swagat he, welcome to the Jaipur International Airport.

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