Indore Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results: Indore Constituency Results and Analysis

Today in this article will be discussing the Lok Sabha results for the state of Madhya Pradesh . Today the election commission of India finally declared the results for the 18th Lok Sabha_______party won _______seats  and will now create the government at the centre. 

The state of Madhya Pradesh has 29 Lok Sabha constituencies this article will be dealing with only one Lok Sabha constituency that is Indore. 

Indore is the most popular city of the state of Madhya Pradesh and consistently ranked as the cleanest city of India. Itself is the education hub of Madhya Pradesh with the campuses of Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management it is located at the edge of Mala plateau and 57 km away from Ujjain and 192 km away from Bhopal in ancient times the city was known by the name of inderpur found by the copper plate inscription of Gupta Empire which talks about the maintenance of Sun Temple by the Gupta rulers later in mediaeval times it was ruled by the Holkar dynasty and one of the prominent women leader Ahilyabai holkar. Latter her descendants were defeated by the British in the third Anglo Maratha war.



In the constituency of Indore only one major party is having a candidate that is Bharatiya Janata Party. As per the data released by the election commission of India the water turnout in the constituency of Indore is 72.05 percent in the elections held at 13th May 2024 in Phase 4 of elections.


Poll event Phase
Notification Date 20 March 28 March 12 April 18 April
Last Date for filing nomination 27 March 4 April 19 April 25 April
Scrutiny of nomination 28 March 5 April 20 April 26 April
Last Date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March 8 April 22 April 29 April
Date of poll 19 April 26 April 7 May 13 May
Date of counting of votes/Result 4 June 2024
No. of constituencies 6 6 9 8


Indore Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Election Result Table


Candidate Name Party Affiliation Total Votes Percentage of Votes (%) Result
Shankar Lalwani Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)


Major party at the election of Indore

BJP which has been the ruling party since 2014 was founded in 1955 in the form of Bhartiya Jan Sangh by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who left Hindu Mahasabha to form it. Later after the revocation of the emergency various other parties merged with Bharatiya Jana Sangh and the Janata Party which later came to be known as Bharatiya Janata Party. 


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