ICC T20 World Cup Winners List From 2007 To 2023 | Full Champion List

ICC T20 World Cup Winners

The ICC T20 World Cup is a stunning international cricket tournament where cricket teams from all over the world compete against each other in the shortest way of the game.

Since its foundation in 2007, the tournament has gone through outstanding performances, intense battles, and memorable matches with a fan following of cricket fans worldwide.

ICC T20 World Cup Winners (2007-2023)

A total of twelve teams competed in the first ICC T20 World Cup, which was held and played in South Africa in 2007 as many of you were aware. It was an important event and match that transformed Twenty20 cricket and made it the most popular exciting, rapid, and fast format known to a worldwide audience. India defeated and won against Pakistan in a thrilling and suspenseful final match played in Johannesburg, resulting in an exciting climax and win that observed India finish proudly and victoriously.

When the ICC T20 World Cup was held and took place in England in 2009, Pakistan won their first-ever championship by defeating and winning against Sri Lanka at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The competition highlighted and displayed the rising appeal and popularity of Twenty20 cricket in addition to showcasing and presenting some amazing or stunning performances of the players across the world.

The 2010 ICC T20 World Cup was conducted and played in the West Indies, where England won after an intense and close final match against Australia in Barbados. As England raised the ICC T20 World Cup trophy for the very first time, it was a historic and memorable occasion for English cricket.

In 2012, the ICC T20 World Cup made an amazing and shocking comeback to Asia, this time the match was organized and hosted by Sri Lanka. The West Indies defeated Sri Lanka in the crucial and exciting final to win their first-ever ICC T20 World Cup. The event/match took place in the exciting and most vibrant city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The 2014 ICC T20 World Cup was held and occurred in Bangladesh, and cricket fans were too excited, where Sri Lanka won the exciting match again, beating and losing India in the Dhaka final. When Sri Lankan cricketers won their 2nd ICC T20 World Cup, the citizens of Shri Lanka were celebrating and going mad it was an unforgettable and precious occasion for Shrilankans.

Usually, the format consists of group and division stages, elimination rounds, and lastly a final match to choose and pick the winner or you would say ‘the man of the match’. Groups are created and formed from the participating teams. Each team plays every other team through a round-robin format. As every cricket fan would know the best and winning teams proceed and qualify to the semifinals and championship game which is very exciting for cricket lovers to watch.

A variety and range of international national teams compete in the ICC T20 World Cup. The competition and tournament are open to every single ICC member, which involves powerful and stunning cricketing nations like India, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the West Indies. Additionally, member countries and nations who are linked and partners have the chance to be eligible and qualify for the ICC T20 World Cup.

Across the world, every nation, a lot of countries hosts the ICC T20 World Cup and it is not new to anyone everyone must be aware of this. It will take place and will be held in the USA and the West Indies this current year. The ICC holds or organizes a bidding procedure which is very essential to choose the host country.

West Indies and the USA were awarded and granted the honorable right to host the ICC T20 World Cup this year which is a major responsibility, after winning the bidding process. The host country always gains the opportunity and benefits to show and prove to a worldwide audience or thousands of cricket fans its cricketing strategies, facilities, kindness, simplicity, and love for the game worldwide by organizing and conducting the tournament.

Even among the countries and nations that are not interested in competing in the competition, an immense worldwide audience and cricket lovers watch the ICC T20 World Cup. The ICC event is a more popular and loved tournament around the world in comparison to regular/ordinary cricket competitions. Fans love to watch their favourite crickets play in the ICC and appreciate them with warmth and love.


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