IPL Highest Partnerships: Top 75 Collaborations in Indian Premier League History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its intense matches and thrilling performances from top cricket players around the world. One aspect that always draws attention is the amazing partnerships between batsmen during an innings. These partnerships can change the course of a match and lead teams to victory. Over the years, IPL has seen many record-breaking partnerships that have left cricket fans in awe.

In IPL history, the highest partnership ever recorded was between Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team. They scored a stunning 229 runs together against the Gujarat Lions in May 2016, creating a benchmark for batting excellence in the league. These two players have established their dominance not only in this match but also in other games, including their second highest partnership of 215 runs against the Mumbai Indians in 2015.

Another noteworthy partnership in IPL history includes KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock, who scored an unbeaten 210 runs for the Lucknow Super Giants against the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2022. This remarkable performance showcased their ability to work together and score big, earning them a top spot on the list of highest partnerships in IPL history.

Several other players, such as Shaun Marsh, Adam Gilchrist, and Chris Gayle, have also contributed to the list of top partnerships with their exceptional batting skills and teamwork. The list includes partnerships from various teams and against different opponents, reflecting the dynamic nature of the IPL.

Highest Partnership in IPL History





Highest Partnership in IPL History:-

Here is the list of all Highest Partnership in IPL history:

Rank Players Runs Wicket Against Date
1 V Kohli, AB de Villiers 229 2nd Guj Lions 14-May-2016
2 V Kohli, AB de Villiers 215* 2nd MI 10-May-2015
3 KL Rahul, Q de Kock 210* 1st KKR 18-May-2022
4 SE Marsh, AC Gilchrist 206 2nd RCB 17-May-2011
5 V Kohli, CH Gayle 204* 2nd Daredevils 17-May-2012
6 DA Warner, NV Ojha 189* 2nd Chargers 10-May-2012
7 DA Warner, JM Bairstow 185 1st RCB 31-Mar-2019
8 CA Lynn, G Gambhir 184* 1st Guj Lions 07-Apr-2017
9 KL Rahul, MA Agarwal 183 1st RR 27-Sep-2020
10 RD Gaikwad, DP Conway 182 1st SRH 01-May-2022
11 SR Watson, F du Plessis 181* 1st Kings XI 04-Oct-2020
12 D Padikkal, V Kohli 181* 1st RR 22-Apr-2021
13 KS Williamson, S Dhawan 176* 2nd Daredevils 10-May-2018
14 V Kohli, F du Plessis 172 1st SRH 18-May-2023
15 RG Sharma, HH Gibbs 167* 2nd KKR 12-May-2012
16 CH Gayle, TM Dilshan 167 1st Warriors 23-Apr-2013
17 RV Uthappa, S Dube 165 3rd RCB 12-Apr-2022
18 SR Tendulkar, DR Smith 163* 1st RR 20-May-2012
19 DA Warner, JM Bairstow 160 1st Kings XI 08-Oct-2020
20 M Vijay, MEK Hussey 159 1st RCB 28-May-2011
21 RV Uthappa, G Gambhir 158 2nd Supergiant 26-Apr-2017
22 CL White, KC Sangakkara 157 3rd Warriors 01-May-2012
23 V Kohli, AB de Villiers 157 2nd SRH 12-Apr-2016
24 VVS Laxman, AC Gilchrist 155* 1st MI 27-Apr-2008
25 V Kohli, AB de Villiers 155 2nd Supergiants 22-Apr-2016
26 D Padikkal, JC Buttler 155 1st DC 22-Apr-2022
27 SS Iyer, JP Duminy 154 2nd MI 23-Apr-2015
28 JH Kallis, G Gambhir 152* 2nd RR 15-Apr-2011
29 BA Stokes, SV Samson 152* 3rd MI 25-Oct-2020
30 M Vijay, JA Morkel 152 3rd RR 03-Apr-2010
31 DA Warner, WP Saha 151* 1st MI 03-Nov-2020
32 V Sehwag, DPMD Jayawardene 151 1st MI 21-Apr-2013
33 SV Samson, JC Buttler 150 2nd SRH 02-May-2021
34 SE Marsh, Azhar Mahmood 148 3rd MI 18-May-2013
35 V Kohli, F du Plessis 148 1st MI 02-Apr-2023
36 SV Samson, JC Buttler 148 2nd RCB 06-Apr-2024
37 V Kohli, CH Gayle 147 1st Kings XI 18-May-2016
38 Shubman Gill, B Sai Sudharsan 147 2nd SRH 15-May-2023
39 DA Warner, V Sehwag 146 1st Kings XI 23-Apr-2011
40 RV Uthappa, MK Pandey 145* 3rd Daredevils 24-Apr-2012
41 SR Watson, AM Rahane 144 1st CSK 19-Apr-2015
42 SO Hetmyer, Gurkeerat Singh 144 4th SRH 04-May-2019
43 DA Warner, MR Marsh 144 2nd RR 11-May-2022
44 SV Samson, RR Pant 143 2nd Guj Lions 04-May-2017
45 SK Raina, S Badrinath 142* 3rd MI 25-Mar-2010
46 Shubman Gill, WP Saha 142 1st LSG 07-May-2023
47 RD Gaikwad, DP Conway 141 1st DC 20-May-2023
48 SK Raina, MEK Hussey 140* 2nd MI 21-May-2013
49 V Shankar, MK Pandey 140* 3rd RR 22-Oct-2020
50 SA Yadav, N Wadhera 140 3rd RCB 09-May-2023
51 Vivrant Sharma, MA Agarwal 140 1st MI 21-May-2023
52 M Vijay, MEK Hussey 139* 1st Kings XI 10-Apr-2013
53 DA Warner, S Dhawan 139 1st KKR 30-Apr-2017
54 PP Shaw, S Dhawan 138 1st CSK 10-Apr-2021
55 SV Samson, JC Buttler 138 2nd SRH 07-May-2023
56 Shubman Gill, B Sai Sudharsan 138 2nd MI 26-May-2023
57 M Vijay, SK Raina 137* 2nd KKR 13-Apr-2010
58 DA Warner, S Dhawan 137* 1st Guj Lions 21-Apr-2016
59 SK Raina, MEK Hussey 137 2nd RR 04-May-2011
60 AT Rayudu, PA Patel 137 2nd Kings XI 25-Apr-2016
61 V Kohli, F du Plessis 137 1st Punjab Kings 20-Apr-2023
62 PC Valthaty, AC Gilchrist 136 1st Chargers 16-Apr-2011
63 JH Kallis, MS Bisla 136 2nd CSK 27-May-2012
64 V Kohli, CH Gayle 136 2nd Kings XI 14-May-2013
65 KS Williamson, S Dhawan 136 2nd Daredevils 19-Apr-2017
66 GC Smith, NV Ojha 135 1st Kings XI 05-May-2009
67 V Sehwag, DPMD Jayawardene 135 1st MI 27-Apr-2012
68 DA Miller, GJ Maxwell 135 3rd CSK 07-May-2014
69 KS Williamson, MK Pandey 135 3rd RCB 17-May-2018
70 SR Watson, R Dravid 134* 1st MI 20-May-2011
71 Shakib Al Hasan, YK Pathan 134* 5th Guj Lions 08-May-2016
72 KK Nair, Q de Kock 134 3rd RCB 17-Apr-2016
73 SR Watson, AT Rayudu 134 1st SRH 13-May-2018
74 DA Warner, V Shankar 133* 3rd Guj Lions 13-May-2017
75 G Gambhir, S Dhawan 133 2nd Chargers 15-May-2008





These top partnerships in IPL history demonstrate the remarkable talent and synergy between players. When batsmen work together effectively, they can lead their teams to victory and set new records in the league. As the IPL continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate seeing more outstanding partnerships and thrilling performances from their favorite teams and players.

These historic partnerships not only entertain fans but also inspire upcoming cricketers to strive for greatness. The IPL has become a platform where players from around the world can showcase their skills and create unforgettable moments. As the league progresses, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to new partnerships and records being set, further enriching the legacy of the Indian Premier League.

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