Hassan Election Results 2024 LIVE: Prajwal Revanna Leading with Over 30,000 Votes in JDS Stronghold, Says EC

Hassan Election Results 2024 LIVE: Prajwal Revanna Leading with Over 30,000 Votes in JDS Stronghold, Says EC

In the electoral battleground of Hassan, Prajwal Revanna of the Janata Dal (Secular) finds himself trailing by a margin of over 30,000 votes, according to the latest update from the Election Commission. Revanna, scion of the influential political family, has long held sway in this JD(S) stronghold. However, this time around, he faces a tough challenge from Shreyas Patel of the Congress, who currently leads the race in early trends.

Battle for Prestige: Prajwal Revanna vs. Shreyas Patel

The Hassan Lok Sabha constituency has witnessed an intense showdown between two prominent political clans of Karnataka. Prajwal Revanna, grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and incumbent MP from JD(S), is up against Shreyas Patel, grandson of Congress stalwart G Putta Swamy Gowda. This electoral face-off isn’t just about securing a seat in the Parliament; it’s a battle for pride and legacy.


Shreyas Patel, a former member of the Hassan Zilla Panchayat, has been nominated by the Congress based on his performance in previous electoral contests. His candidacy symbolizes the Congress party’s attempt to regain ground in this traditional JD(S) bastion.

Stakes and Challenges

While Revanna Jr aims to maintain his family’s political stronghold, Patel is determined to upset the status quo and bring the seat under the Congress banner. However, Patel faces an uphill task as the Hassan constituency has historically been a stronghold of the Vokkaliga community, staunch supporters of the Deve Gowda family.

The electoral contest in Hassan has been marred by controversies, especially surrounding Prajwal Revanna. Allegations of sexual assault against him have cast a shadow over his campaign. Despite these challenges, the JD(S) holds a significant advantage due to its deep-rooted connections with the local populace.


Historical Context: JDS-Congress Rivalry

The rivalry between the JD(S) and Congress in Hassan dates back several decades. It began in 1985 when Putta Swamy Gowda, Shreyas Patel’s grandfather, contested against HD Deve Gowda as an independent candidate. While he initially faced defeat, Putta Swamy Gowda later emerged victorious in subsequent electoral battles against Deve Gowda.

Despite occasional setbacks, including losing to Putta Swamy Gowda in the 1999 general elections, HD Deve Gowda has maintained a strong presence in Hassan. His dominance in the region has been further solidified by the JD(S)’s consistent electoral victories over the years.

Demographic Dynamics


The Hassan Lok Sabha constituency comprises a predominantly rural population, with Vokkaligas constituting a significant portion of the electorate. Religious demographics skew towards Hinduism, with a smaller Muslim minority and other religious communities. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes also play a crucial role in shaping electoral outcomes in this region.


As the electoral drama unfolds in Hassan, all eyes are on the final results. Will Prajwal Revanna manage to stage a comeback and retain his family’s political legacy? Or will Shreyas Patel succeed in breaking the JD(S) stronghold and usher in a new era for the Congress party in Hassan? Only time will tell as the ballots are counted and the fate of these political scions is decided.

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