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Guntur Constituency

Guntur 2024, Lok Sabha Election


One can smell the scent of heavy chili from miles sitting on a train going to the Guntur train station and that is what Guntur is famous for. This town is the major producer and exporter of their chili supplies. In this town which is known for its major market of chili, the tobacco intensity of the election was no less competitive and hectic. Finally, the Lok Sabha, 2024 election episode has come to an end, and the Indian election committee has declared the winner who is going to be a member of the parliament. Have you heard about him already?


Before taking the space to mention the name of the lucky candidate, let us review the nature of the battle and the candidates who participated in it.


Contesting Candidates in the 2024 Lok Sabha Election from Guntur


                Name               Party                 Votes
Tenali Prakash BSP
Jangala Ajay Kumar CPI
Challapalli Ratan Raja VCK
Dr. Rayapudi Rajesh Vijay Kumar ILP (A)
Amarthaluri Venkateswara Rao MCPI (U)
Ambati Chalamaiah PPOI
Dr. Chandra Sekhar Rosaiah TDP
Mohammad Khaja Moinuddin Chisti Pasha APRP
Vishnu Reddy Lankireddy BNNP
Hari Venkata Satish Kurnala JBNP
Samudrala Chinna Kotaiah JRBHP
Umar Bhasha Shaik JANSS
Sikhakolli Hema Gowri Shankar JJSP
Buraga Ratnam LJD
Syed. Saida NVCP
Sivareddy. Endreddy NVP
Emani. Chandrasekhar Rao NVDP
Pathan Khaja (Basha) TELRSP
Ashok Anand Gali IND


Gayatri Audhipudi IND
Kanneboyina Vamsi Krishna  IND
Madavarapu Naga Raju IND
Pilli Babu Rao IND
Shaik Aslam Akther IND
Shaik. Khajavali IND
Siva Parvathi IND
Srikrishna Akkisethi IND
Vankayalapati Venkata Siva IND
Ramanjaneyulu IND
Kilari Venkata Rosaiah YSRCP


Bommasani Mutyala Rao APP


Candidates who have won the election in 2024, Lok Saha Guntur Constituency



Candidate [name] from [party] has successfully made his loyal voters proud winning the 2024, Lok Sabha election held in Guntur Constituency. He has significantly got hold of [] votes surpassing the runner-up candidate, [] from [] party by [difference].


2019, Guntur Lok Sabha Election Winner


In 2019, Jayadev Galla, TDP candidate became the end game gaining 587918 votes and defeating candidate Mogugula Venugopala Reddy from YSRCP by 4202 votes. It was a massive defeat.


 Election as always is a roller coaster ride and a thrill and twist of events every year. For now, we can settle down our racing hearts and put our trust in our voices and the chosen candidate for the 2024, general election. A hearty Congratulation to [] and his supporters



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