Neeraj Chopra Strikes Gold Again: Highlights from Federation Cup 2024 Javelin Throw Event

Neeraj Chopra Strikes Gold Again: Highlights from Federation Cup 2024 Javelin Throw Event

Indian Athlete and Olympic champion, Neeraj Chopra clinched the gold medal in the javelin throw at the Athletics Championships with a remarkable throw of 82.27 metres. the event, held at the Federation Cup 2024 athletics meet at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha on Wednesday. Neeraj showcased his prowess and reaffirmed his status as one of the top javelin throwers from India.


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The 26-year-old Neeraj Chopra participated in this event for the first time after becoming Olympic champion three years ago. During the Federation Cup in March 2021, he played for India last time and won the gold medal with a throw of 87.80m.

At the moment when Neeraj Chopra arrived at the practise ground in the humid evening at 5 pm. Just two hours before the event started, he grabbed most of the eye and became the centre of the event. He was wearing a black-and-pink t-shirt and black track pants with a black cap. He completed his training session with the coach Dr. Klaus Bartonietz. After a few stretching exercises and when he entered the stadium, the audience gave him applause and cheers and he gave his best performance with the throw of 82.27 metres.

Neeraj Chopra got his best throw of 82.27m on his fourth attempt and won the gold medal. He won in the final round. DP Manu was the winner till round three with the best throw of 82.06m, but he failed to beat Neeraj Chopra in the competition.

Neeraj Chpra marked his return in the Federation Cup after three years of Olympics in the Bhubaneshwar land. In addition, Bhubaneswar holds a special place in the Neeraj heart. Because he trained himself here. Neeraj changed his training base from Patiala to Bhubaneswar in 2020 during the Tokyo Olympics. In 2017, during the Asian Athletics Championships, he also won the gold medal at the same place.



Highlights Of Federation Cup 2024

Here is the Highlights Of Federation Cup 2024 in the Javelin Throw-

  1. Position- Neeraj Chopra – 82.27m  – Gold
  2. Position – DP Manu – 82.06m – Silver
  3. Position – Uttam Patil – 78.39m – Bronze



Neeraj ends with a throw of 82.27m:

Nwwraj Chopra, star player from Haryana wasn’t happy with his performance in the first attempt. He got a winning mark of 82.27m in the fourth attempt and decided not to throw two attempts and throws. Finally, he marked the highest score and won the competition.

DP Manu fails to throw  82.27m:

DP Manu fails to cross the throw of Neeraj Chpra, which is  82.27m. Manu ended with the deliberate foul in his final throw.  DP manu throws lookalike – 82.06, 77.23m, 81.43m, 81.47m, 81.49, X.

End of Jena’s throws:

Kishore Jena tried and completed all his throws with the  X, 75.49m, X, X, 73.79m, 75.25m and didn’t hold any position in the top three.

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