Top 10 Famous Rappers of All Time in the World

Top 10 Famous Rappers of All Time in the World

RAP aka Rhythm and Poetry is a massive genre in the Music Industry pioneered and predominated by Black artists to date. The lyrics are rough, but rhythmically sung about hard-knocked life affected by injustices be it personal or political. The rappers come out with harsh rhythms screaming breathlessly about gangs, drugs, record label drama, disappointment in governance, and factors that are affecting ghetto streets which are neglected and understated gestures of justice by the media. The Victims of various acts of violence have the most apparent scares included in the lyrics to seek public attention to what is under-looked and unprotected. Here are the Top 10 Timeless Rap Legends According to billboard ranking.




List of Top 10 Famous Rappers of All Time in the World:-

Rank Rap Legend
1 Jay Z
2 Kendrick Lamar
3 Nas
4 Tupac
5 Eminem
6 The Notorious B.I.G
7 Lil Wayne
8 Drake
9 Snoop Dogg
10 Nicki Minaj


10. Niki Minaj

Niki Minaj: Rappers

Niki Minaj secured the 10th position in the golden list. To be able to secure this position being female is not a cheesecake business. Beauty among the top ten rap beasts she had her dazzling hit moment in 2010 with her album Pink Friday. Her lyrics are about personal struggle and journey to fame, in relationships. After the iconic Barbie Merchandise, Nikki branded her stage persona after the Thematic Pink Barbie.



9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg: Rappers

Our Cool laid-back legend stands in the 9th position and he is chilling on his chair smoking weed, cooking lyrics in his head. He gives credit to himself for coming so far in his struggle, but in an interview, he did mention his brother, the late legend Tupac for introducing styles other than sweatshirts that credited and renewed his whole outlook.


8. Drake



Casual and popular Drake has his way of staying relevant and timeless in the golden list coming continuously forward with his catchy lyrics. Started from the Bottom, but he will be here among timeless rap legends as predicted from his ceaseless popularity and performance.


7. Lil Wayne

Nothing can go wrong when it comes to Wayne humble boy who knows no discrimination based on colour and race. His humbleness adds extra credit to his timeless rap battles among his contemporaries and competitors.



6. The Notorious B.I.G

Our late legend proves his timelessness in the short span of a lifetime. Big Christopher Wallace’s short-lived life did not deny him the opportunity to stand timeless in the golden list of top 10 legends.



Provocative artist with an aggressive intelligence. No one stands a chance when it comes to the beef challenge before Marchal Marthers, M & M spelt out, Eminem. His breathless craft to spit out rhyming rhythms holds him a genius record, White Boy in Tough Black’s game stands undefeatable and timeless in the legendary top 10 list. Un-beefable Boy from ghetto to golden list.



4. Tupac

Tupac, the all-time legend was a big pioneering voice whose works stood the test of time even with his short-lived life against his competitors, he was an activist for Black Lives spreading collective pain through his voice like wildfire. Imagine where his legacy would take him if he had a long time in his hands if his luck escaped the unfortunate shooting.


3. Nas

The spotlights get brighter as the tunnel gets narrower and the battle gets more intense. At this point, one can lose out on the acronym G.O.A.T.



2. Kendrick Lamar

A living legend who still walks among us with the most influential yet controversy-provoking,daring experimental lyrics. He is currently beefing up with Drake in his latest lyrical drama.


1. Jay Z

The legendary countdown lists stop here and he follows no one, everyone comes after him according to Billboard. His longevity in Cut-throat battles comes not only from his culture, and lyrical standpoint but also from his capacity to out-produce and sell many records and albums from his label.



This is the golden list of the top 10 famous rappers of all time. Who do you think is underrated or overrated among these timeless legends? Did the golden list do justice to the talents and fanbase?? Comment your say on this list down below.




  1. Who is ranked as the top timeless rap legend according to Billboard?
    • Jay Z holds the top position as per Billboard’s ranking.
  2. Which female rapper secured a spot in the top 10 rap legends list?
    • Nicki Minaj is ranked at number 10, representing female presence among the legends.
  3. Who is known for his laid-back style and weed-smoking persona in rap?
    • Snoop Dogg, ranked at number 9, is renowned for his cool, laid-back image.
  4. Which rap legend is praised for his humbleness and lack of discrimination?
    • Lil Wayne, at number 7, is recognized for his humble attitude and inclusive mindset.
  5. Who is celebrated for his aggressive yet intelligent rap style?
    • Eminem, ranked 5th, is known for his provocative and intelligent lyrics.
  6. Which rap artist is hailed for his activism and advocacy for Black Lives?
    • Tupac, at number 4, is revered for his activism and impactful voice for Black Lives.
  7. Who is recognized for his influence and daring experimental lyrics?
    • Kendrick Lamar, ranked 2nd, is celebrated for his influential and experimental style.
  8. Who is considered a pioneer in rap with his enduring contributions?
    • The Notorious B.I.G, at number 6, is acknowledged as a pioneering figure with lasting impact.
  9. Who emerged as a dominant force in rap with his catchy lyrics and popularity?
    • Drake, ranked 8th, is celebrated for his continuous relevance and catchy tunes.
  10. What sets Jay Z apart as the top rap legend according to Billboard?
    • Jay Z’s longevity, cultural impact, lyrical prowess, and commercial success contribute to his status as the ultimate rap legend.

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