11 Creative DIY Easter Egg Decoration Ideas for Kids and Families

 11 Creative DIY Easter Egg Decoration Ideas for Kids and Families

Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

On 31 March 2021, Easter Day is coming. Many people love to decorate Easter eggs as a tradition and some like to spend quality time with their children. Decorating Easter eggs can be a fantastic and homemade plan in which the whole family can participate. To do this, you will only need to get the utensils or basic products, and above all, get to work decorating the Easter eggs. Of course, before starting to decorate the eggs, they must have been cooked.

When they are cold, you can take out the brushes, cardboard or colours and give free rein to your creativity. Easter crafts are a perfect activity for children to exercise their fine motor skills. And while they colour and cut out they will have to put their attention into practice. Today, we bring a list of Easter Egg Decoration Ideas that you can enjoy with your children or toddlers.

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DIY Easter Idea 1: Easter Bunny

During Easter, the rabbit is a symbolic figure. To make easter bunny begin with, you must colour the eggs using food colouring, or natural dyes. Next, use a paper towel to dry. Afterwards, on each rabbit egg, cut out two oval-shaped ears from coloured paper. Finally, you must glue the ears to the top of the egg. You can also paste the eye of the rabbit if you have it.

DIY Easter Idea 2: Marble Effect Eggs

To make this craft, crack an egg into a cup or other big container and whisk in a tablespoon each of vinegar, oil, and food colouring. The next step is to cover the eggs with water, stir with a spoon, and add a hard-boiled egg. Lastly, take out the egg right away and use a towel to swiftly dry it.

DIY Easter Idea 3: Easter Egg Emojis

A dozen hard-boiled eggs, acrylic paints in the colours yellow, blue, white, and red, and a black marker are needed for this preparation. You must first paint all of the eggs with yellow paint. Next, The emoticons you wish to use on the eggs must then be chosen. There are many different kinds: joyful, sorrowful, in love, and smiling faces. Lastly, we used acrylic paint and markers to paint the emoticons on eggs.

DIY Easter Idea 4: Disguised Easter Eggs

For this preparation, you’ll need cardboard, glue, coloured pencils, and markers. You will need stickers to complete this craft, alternatively, you can sketch compositions on paper and embellish them to adhere to the eggs. Additionally, we can utilise our creativity to create unique items and alter them to conceal the eggs.

DIY Easter Idea 5: Black and White Easter Eggs

We advise you to go a little from the norm with this activity and decorate Easter eggs in black and white. Using a stencil or your creative designs, such as dots or lines, you can paint them on a white background. First, paint the egg white colour and mark your design in black colour over it.

DIY Easter Idea 6: Crayon-filled Easter Eggs

The eggs must be quite heated for this procedure. When they’re finished, use tongs to remove them from the water and place them in an egg cup without getting burned. The children can use the crayons to make drawings while the egg is still hot. The crayons will melt and produce drawings. The eggs would be ready when we let them dry.

DIY Easter Idea 7: Easter Egg Basket

We will need paper plates, coloured tempera, scissors, and a ruler for this preparation. The kids are going to love creating their colourful baskets. To begin with, take a cardboard plate, flip it over, and use tempera paints to colour the other side. Next, we need to flip it over using the ruler and create a cross in the middle, splitting the plate into four sections. To give it a basket form, we must next cut along the four lines and fold each quarter, overlapping the one next to it. Lastly, to attach it to the side of the basket as a handle, trim the diameter of another plate.

DIY Easter Idea 8: Whiskers On Easter Eggs

The invaders are the moustaches. You may use different coloured brushes or markers to paint or decorate the eggs. It will have a lovely appearance.

DIY Easter Idea 9: Glitter Easter Eggs

The first step in this preparation is to paint or dye the eggs the background colour and allow them to dry. Following this stage, you must use a brush to apply the adhesive to different areas of the shell. We may then apply glitter to those areas and wait for the glue to cure. Lastly, to prevent them from all becoming covered in glitter, you must create half of a shell at a time.

DIY Easter Idea 10: Footprint-Adorned Easter eggs

Children are a great help with this project since it requires them to paint the tip of their fingers to produce lovely results. The kid will leave their imprint on the egg’s surface in this manner. Afterwards, parents may finish the task by using markers to form the fingerprint into an animal or face. It will be awesome.

DIY Easter Idea 11: Sequinc Easter Egg

We will need paper coloured sequin, hard egg and glue. The kids are going to love creating their colourful eggs. To begin with, take a hard egg, cover it with glue and paste the sequins one by one. It will be fun for you and your children. Remember you have to cover the entire egg. You can make a colourful sequin easter egg by mixing all colours or preparing one colour sequin easter egg.

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