Coimbatore Lok Sabha Election Results Live: DMK Leads, BJP Trails, AIADMK Faces Setback

As the curtain rises on the Coimbatore Lok Sabha Election results for 2024, the political theater unfolds with suspense and intrigue. This constituency, which saw voting on April 19 in the first phase of the general elections, has become the battleground for key contenders from various parties vying for the people’s mandate.

In this electoral saga, the primary contestants include Ganapathy Rajkumar P from the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), Annamalai K representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and Singai G Ramachandran from the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK).

As the clock ticks and the numbers pour in, the DMK candidate, Ganapathy Rajkumar, has emerged as the frontrunner, maintaining a steady lead over his rivals. In a closely contested battle, Rajkumar holds a commanding lead of 30,736 votes as of the latest update.

The BJP’s Annamalai finds himself trailing behind by a significant margin of 33,293 votes, reflecting the challenging terrain he faces in this electoral battleground.


Adding to the intrigue, the AIADMK, traditionally a stronghold in Coimbatore, faces an unexpected setback as its candidate, Singai Ramachandran, lags behind in the third position. This reversal of fortunes comes as a surprise, given the party’s historical dominance in the region.

Meanwhile, the political landscape is enlivened by symbolic gestures and gestures. DMK workers, buoyed by their candidate’s lead, are seen distributing mutton biryani—a gesture of celebration amidst the electoral fervor.

In a display of political satire, DMK workers take a dig at Annamalai, referring to him mockingly as “aadu” (goat) in Tamil Nadu, underscoring the intensity of the political rivalry in the state.

This electoral saga marks a departure from the past, with significant shifts in voter turnout and party dynamics. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Coimbatore witnessed a voter turnout of 63.6%, reflecting the electorate’s engagement and participation in the democratic process.


Moreover, the BJP’s crossing of the 10% vote share mark in Tamil Nadu signifies its growing presence and influence in the state’s political landscape, adding a new dimension to the electoral calculus.

Against this backdrop, Ganapathy P Rajkumar’s ascendancy as a former mayor of Coimbatore, bolstered by his defection from the AIADMK to the DMK in 2020, underscores the evolving dynamics of regional politics in Tamil Nadu.

As the drama unfolds, the Coimbatore Lok Sabha Election results for 2024 epitomize the vibrancy and unpredictability of Indian democracy, where every vote and every gesture carries profound significance in shaping the nation’s political destiny.

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