Chandrababu Naidu to Take Oath as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Again on June 12

Chandrababu Naidu to Take Oath as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Again on June 12

Big news! Chandrababu Naidu, the boss of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), is all set to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh again. He’s going to take the oath on June 12, which is a big deal for the state’s politics.

People are more curious about Naidu’s comeback because they’re not very happy with the current Chief Minister, Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, and his team. Since Reddy took charge in 2019, there have been lots of problems, and many people are not happy with how things are going. Naidu is not new to this CM responsibility. He’s been Chief Minister before and has done some good things for the state and their people. Now, people are hoping he can do it again, and maybe even better this time. The decision to make Naidu Chief Minister again was made after a lot of talks within the TDP. They think bringing Naidu back will help their party become strong again and give tough competition to the current government.




Chandrababu Naidu to be Sworn in as Andhra Pradesh CM for the Fourth Time

Before Naidu officially becomes Chief Minister, he’s already talking about what he wants to do. He says he will focus on making sure everyone in Andhra Pradesh has a chance to do well. He wants to make farming better, bring more jobs, and improve schools and roads. Some people are happy about Naidu’s comeback because they think he will make things better. But others are not so sure. They remember some problems from before and worry if those will come back. Still, Naidu is confident and ready to take this responsibility again. On June 12, all eyes will be on him as he starts his new job as Andhra Pradesh CM. It’s a big responsibility, and many people are hoping he can make Andhra Pradesh a better place for everyone.




Naidu’s Swearing-In Ceremony

Big news in Andhra Pradesh politics! N Chandrababu Naidu, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president, is set to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the fourth time. He will take the oath on June 12 at 12 noon, according to a senior TDP leader. This decision comes after the TDP and its National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partners, Jana Sena Party and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), won 164 out of 175 assembly seats in the recent elections.



TDP and NDA Collaboration

On June 11, the newly-elected TDP MLAs will meet at the party headquarters in Mangalagiri to elect Naidu as their legislature party leader. The resolution will be sent to Governor S Abdul Nazeer the same evening. Although the exact venue for the swearing-in ceremony has not been decided, it will take place in the Amaravati capital region. All significant NDA leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will be invited.


A senior TDP legislator, Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary, mentioned, “The newly-elected MLAs of the TDP will meet and elect Naidu as the legislature party leader. The resolution will be sent to Governor S Abdul Nazeer the same evening.”



Cabinet Composition and Responsibilities

Another notable development is that Jana Sena Party and BJP will join Naidu’s cabinet. There are discussions about the cabinet berths each ally will receive. Jana Sena Party president, actor Pawan Kalyan, who won from the Pithapuram constituency, is likely to be offered the Deputy Chief Minister post. Additionally, his senior colleague Nadendla Manohar and a few other party MLAs will receive cabinet positions.


“In all probability, Jana Sena Party president and actor Pawan Kalyan, who got elected from Pithapuram assembly constituency with a huge majority, will be offered deputy chief minister post apart from cabinet berths to his senior colleague Nadendla Manohar and a couple of other party MLAs,” a senior TDP leader stated.



Future Plans and Focus

Naidu held a meeting with the newly-elected TDP MPs at his residence in Undavalli, Amaravati. He congratulated them on their election success and discussed future strategies. Some MPs attended physically, while others joined via Zoom. Naidu emphasized the importance of safeguarding the state’s interests and securing maximum benefits from the Centre. He also invited the Prime Minister to his swearing-in ceremony.


“Naidu told us that he had invited the Prime Minister to his swearing-in ceremony on June 12,” one of the MPs revealed.

Naidu assured the MPs that he would change his working style, remain accessible to them, and work within set boundaries. He expressed his gratitude to party leaders and cadres for their dedication, which helped bring the party back to power. The TDP will also seek significant positions in the Union Council of Ministers to benefit Andhra Pradesh.

A senior TDP leader added, “More than the numbers, we are keen on important portfolios like Jal Shakti that would help early completion of Polavaram and urban development that would help Amaravati capital city project.”




Naidu’s return as Chief Minister is highly anticipated, given his past contributions to Andhra Pradesh. His focus on development and collaboration with NDA partners is expected to bring positive changes. As he takes office on June 12, all eyes will be on him to see how he leads Andhra Pradesh into a better future.

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