Chandigarh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Chandigarh is well known for its rich cultural heritage and serene nature that easily capture visitors’ hearts and induce sobriety and calmness in their heads. For that reason, this land has earned the title “City Of Beautiful”. That is not all of it. Every year students from all over India who have passed their 12th board exams come flying to Chandigarh to get enrolled in Chandigarh University for their further studies. 

This place is also where the legislative assemblies and secretariats of Haryana and Punjab are located. Chandigarh joined hands with India Smart City Mission in 2016 and has become one of the cleanliest cities in the country.


Before we give away the name of the winning candidate in the Chandigarh Constituency Lok Sabha Election, 2024, let us have a preview of the political analysis collected from various sources



Result of 2024, the Lok Sabha Election of Chandigarh Constituency


Poll Event Phase VII
Notification Date  7th May 2024
The Last Date for filing a nomination 14th May2024
Scrutiny of nomination  15th May 2024
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 17th May 2024
Date of Poll  1st June 2024
Date of counting votes/result 4th June 2024
No. Of constituencies 1



Candidates from Constituency Chandigarh who contested in the 2024, Lok Sabha Election


Name  Party Votes 
Sanjay Tandon BJP
Manish Tewari INC
Ritu Singh BSP
Deepanshu Shara ABHPP
Rajinder Kaur SaSP
Raj Prince Singh SUPPIP
Sunil Thaman HJSP
Baljeet Singh IND
Kishor Kumar IND
Kuldip Rai IND
Lakhir Singh IND
Mahant Ravi Kant Muni IND
Pratap Singh Rana IND
Piar Chand IND
Lovely Attawa IND
Sunil Kumar IND
Vinod Kumar IND
Vivek Sharma IND


Political Climate in Chandigarh Constituency



It seems to be a tough battlefield everywhere including this constituency regarding elections. It is observed that Chandigarh has witnessed a fluctuation of preferences between the Bharata Jayanta Party and the Congress Party.

Before 2014, it was the Congress candidate, Pawan Kumar Bansal won the election four times. Let us see what the future has in this constituency and its people.



Winning Candidate of Chandigarh Constituency in the 2024, Lok Sabha Election


Was it expected or not, only the people of this constituency can say? But the ultimate decision has been sealed and declared that in 2024, the Lok Sabha Election candidate [] from the [] party has secured the MP seat for Chandigarh Constituency winning [] votes with the winning margin of []% of the voter turnout of []. Candidate [] has defeated the first runner-up [] from the [] part by [] votes. How’s that!



Well done [] and the party supporter. 


What was the political climate and winning situation in the past 2019, Lok Sabha Election of Chandigarh Constituency?



In the 2019, Lok Sabha Election, candidate Kirron Kher from Bharat Jayanta Party won the MP seat with 231150 votes with a winning margin of 10.3% excelling as the first runner-up candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal of INC party gathered 184218 votes at the voter turnout rate of 70.62%.

This is not Kirron Kher’s first time winning an MP seat, She also won 2014, the Lok Sabha Election making herself a consecutive winner for the second time in 2019 winning. She sure has massive loyal followers.


We hope we have covered the most anticipated news in brief detail. Best wishes to the winner and the dedicated supporters of the party.


“Aapna Time Ayega” keep giving your voices, keep raising your collective concerns, and keep giving your Votes in every election coming in the future, for we all have learned how much our votes matter, how much our voices matter. With a rejuvenated faith, keep moving forward, for this is your time, “Aapna time Agaya”


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