BPSC TRE 3.0 Exam Cancelled Due to Paper Leak: New Dates Awaited

BPSC TRE 3.0 Exam Cancelled

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) recently faced a setback as the third phase of the teacher recruitment examination (TRE-3.0) had to be cancelled due to a paper leak. This unfortunate incident occurred on March 15, 2024, when the examination was scheduled to take place. The BPSC, responsible for conducting the exam, had to make this difficult decision after receiving reports from the Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) in Patna, indicating that the question papers had reached an organized gang before the scheduled examination.

The cancellation of the TRE-3.0 exam has caused significant concern among the aspirants who were eagerly awaiting this opportunity. The exam was conducted across 415 examination centers, with approximately 3.75 lakh aspirants participating in two shifts. However, the integrity of the examination was compromised due to the unfortunate leak of question papers.

The decision to cancel the exam was not taken lightly by the BPSC. The EOU, after conducting a preliminary investigation, revealed that the question papers had reached an organized gang prior to the examination through a pen drive. This revelation raised serious doubts about the fairness and impartiality of the examination process. Consequently, the BPSC had no choice but to annul both shifts of the TRE-3.0 exam.

Following the cancellation, the BPSC assured all stakeholders that new dates for the TRE-3.0 examination would be announced in due course. This decision was made to uphold the integrity of the recruitment process and ensure fairness for all aspirants. However, the exact dates for the rescheduled exam are yet to be finalized.

This incident is not the first time that the BPSC has faced challenges related to question paper leaks. In May 2022, the commission was forced to cancel its 67th combined (preliminary) competitive examination due to similar allegations of question paper leaks. The recurrence of such incidents underscores the need for stricter measures to safeguard the integrity of competitive examinations.

The EOU, during its investigation, uncovered alarming details about the paper leak. It was revealed that the question paper for the TRE-3.0 exam was leaked before it even went to the printing press. Furthermore, the absence of barcodes on the question paper retrieved during a raid in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, raised suspicions of insider involvement.

In light of these findings, the EOU suspects that individuals associated with the examination conducting authority may have played a role in the paper leak. To prevent further tampering and preserve crucial evidence, the EOU instructed the BPSC to safeguard all relevant documents and electronic devices associated with the TRE-3.0 examination.

In a significant development, the EOU arrested 266 individuals, including the alleged mastermind of the gang involved in the paper leak, Vishal Chaurasia. Chaurasia, who was previously arrested by the Balasore police of Odisha in July 2023 for leaking question papers of the Junior Engineer examination, now faces judicial custody. His arrest has raised questions about the integrity of individuals entrusted with sensitive examination processes.

The involvement of multiple stakeholders in the examination process further complicates the investigation. While Manoj Badale of Emerging Media holds a majority stake in the Rajasthan Royals, other individuals, including Lachlan Murdoch and RedBird Media, are also minority stakeholders. Despite the complexity of the situation, the EOU remains committed to uncovering the truth and holding all responsible parties accountable.

As the investigation progresses, the EOU continues to collect and analyze evidence to strengthen its case. The recent arrest of key individuals, including Vishal Chaurasia, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing probe. However, much work remains to be done to restore public trust in the examination system and ensure the integrity of future recruitment processes.

In conclusion, the cancellation of the TRE-3.0 exam underscores the challenges faced by examination authorities in maintaining the integrity of competitive examinations. The paper leak has raised serious concerns about the fairness and transparency of the recruitment process. As investigations continue, it is imperative for all stakeholders to cooperate fully to uncover the truth and prevent similar incidents in the future.


BPSC TRE 3.0 Cancelled Official Notice

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