10 Best Restaurants in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh in 2024 | From Luxury to Budget Friendly

Best Restaurants in Kakinada

Kakinada is a coastal city in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the main city for tourists to stay and enjoy the food. Kakinada is famous for its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. If you travel to the Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh, then you must experience their traditional Andhra Traditional food. The city’s food scene is diverse and exciting, from traditional Andhra flavours to modern culinary delights. Today, we bring you a list of 10 Best Restaurants To Eat in Kakinada in 2024. These Restaurants are best rated on TripAdvisor. We hear the rating and gather data for you-


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1. Subbayya Gari Hotel:

Subbayya Gari Hotel

Subbayya Gari Hotel is known for the best taste of traditional food on the land. It was established in 1950 and served meals at just 50 paise. Now, it is a huge place to enjoy Andhra food. There are about 30+ authentic and traditional vegetarian dishes available as well as various South Indian Thali. They use green banana leaf as well as original ghee to bring an authentic touch.

  • Cuisine: Authentic Andhra meals
  • Speciality: Unlimited thali with a wide variety of dishes like Pappu, pulusu, sambar, and spicy curries
  • Ambience: Traditional and bustling
  • Service: Prompt and courteous
  • Location: Central Kakinada, 10-6-10, Subbayya Gari Hotel Road, Rama Rao Peta, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, 533004
  • Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM



2. Grand Kakinada by GRT Hotels:

Grand Kakinada by GRT Hotels

GRT Hotels is a luxurious brand in the hotels with the best food. They operate Grand Kakinada by GRT Hotels in the Kakinsa. At the location, you can find all food types with 3 different cafes and restaurants. They are suitable for the family as well as couples to stay and enjoy the food. Their food prepared by the high class chefs are very famous in the Andhra Pradesh 

  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Continental)
  • Specialty: Buffet spreads and fine dining
  • Ambience: Upscale and elegant
  • Service: Professional and attentive
  • Location: Downtown Kakinada, 11-3-11, Veterinary Hospital St, Rama Rao Peta, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, 533004
  • Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM


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3. Kadai Biryanis:

Kadai Biryanis

Kadai Biryanis is a top-rated restaurant in Kakinada, especially for the Biryanis. They offer different types of Biryanis with different flavours. They are sev

  • Cuisine: Primarily Indian, specialising in biryanis
  • Specialty: Varieties of flavorful biryanis including chicken, mutton, and vegetarian options
  • Ambience: Casual and family-friendly
  • Service: Quick and efficient
  • Location: Easily accessible location in Kakinada, 67-1-1/2, Near SBI BANK LB Nagar,5 buildings Center, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533003
  • Working Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Take Away till 11 PM


4. Haveli Restaurant:

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is a north Indian restaurant. Suitable for the family to enjoy the traditional Andhra-style food.

  • Cuisine: North Indian and Chinese
  • Speciality: Rich, spicy curries and tandoori dishes
  • Ambience: Traditional Indian decor with a contemporary touch
  • Service: Friendly and hospitable
  • Location: Central Kakinada, Anand Theatre Complex, Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533003
  • Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Reopen 7:00 PM.



5. Yati Foods:

Yati Foods is a popular spot for Briyanati. It is suitable for families who are veg or non-veg. They have several items on their menu. However, its ambience is a bit lacking.

  • Cuisine: Indian and Chinese
  • Speciality: Chicken biryani and spicy starters like chicken 65
  • Ambience: Vibrant and modern
  • Service: Fast and friendly
  • Location: Popular among locals, easily reachable, Bhanugudi Jct, Bhanugudi Junction, Police Quarters, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533003
  • Working Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


6. Bombay Kulfi:

Bombay Kulfi is a popular place to enjoy the Kulfi. You can find many flavours in the Kulfi. In addition, they use A2 milk and high-grade ingredients to bring their authentic taste. A must-try product in the city.

  • Cuisine: Desserts, particularly kulfi (Indian ice cream)
  • Speciality: Wide range of kulfi flavours and other Indian sweets
  • Ambience: Casual and cosy
  • Service: Quick and pleasant
  • Location: Central and popular dessert spot, Door No.69-4-2/1A, Opp Boat Club Main Gate, Opp.To Bharath Petrol Bunk, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533003



7. Reeves Restaurant:

Reeves Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It is famous for its fresh food and taste. In addition, the staff is also well mannered.

  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine
  • Specialty: Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes with a focus on quality
  • Ambience: Comfortable and inviting
  • Service: Courteous and efficient
  • Location: Conveniently located in Kakinada, 13-3-5, Opp Reliance Smart, Surya Rao Peta, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533001
  • Working hours: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Reopen 6:00 PM – 10:15 PM


8. Garden Cafe:

Garden Cafe is one of the restaurants in the GRT Hotels. Hotel and Garden Cafe is known for its luxury. It is the best restaurant for people who want Multicuisine, Gujarati, Jain, Indian, Japanese, Irani, Pan-Asian, French, American, European, Oriental, Asian and many more.

  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine, including snacks and beverages
  • Speciality: Light meals, coffee, and pastries
  • Ambience: Relaxed and garden-themed
  • Service: Friendly and prompt
  • Location: Pleasant spot within Kakinada, ideal for casual outings, Grand Kakinada by GRT Hotels, 11-3-11, Veterinary Hospital St, Rama Rao Peta, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh 533004
  • Woking Hours: 12:30 PM – 10:30 PM



9. The Costa Grill – Multi Cuisine Restaurant:

It is a prime restaurant to enjoy a variety of food like Fusion, Chinese, Indian, Barbecue, Asian and many more. Seafood is the speciality of this place.

  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Continental)
  • Specialty: Grilled items and seafood
  • Ambience: Stylish and modern
  • Service: Professional and attentive
  • Location: Prime location in Kakinada, Domino’s Upstairs, Sri Rangarayanam Residency, Srinagar, Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh


10. Royal Park:

Royal Park is a famous hotel in Kakinada. They have the best restaurant and bar in the city. They provide an extensive beverage and food menu with authentic taste.

  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine
  • Specialty: Indian and international dishes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients
  • Ambience: Luxurious and comfortable
  • Service: High-end, professional service
  • Location: Easily accessible, located within a luxury hotel in Kakinada, 19-1-107, Kosurivari Street, Main Rd, Kakinada, 533001




Kakindais is one of the most popular cities for tourists who visit Andhra Pradesh. It is a place of delicious food and vibrant culture. Kakinada’s restaurant scene is a vibrant mix of traditional and modern culinary experiences. Now you know the list of best Restaurants To Eat in Kakinada in 2024.  Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty Andhra meal or an international gourmet dish, these Restaurants will help you to fulfil your curving. Must experience the flavours of Kakinada in 2024.

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