Arvind Kejriwal Hits Back at Pakistan Leader’s Election Remark: ‘Handle Your Country’

Arvind Kejriwal Hits Back at Pakistan Leader's Election Remark: 'Handle Your Country'

In a recent exchange on social media, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal didn’t hold back in responding to a Pakistani leader’s comments regarding India’s ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Kejriwal, who is out on bail to campaign, reacted sharply to the endorsement from across the border.

Kejriwal, along with his family, cast his vote in the national capital, emphasizing his stance against inflation and unemployment. However, it was his post-voting message that caught the attention of Pakistani Minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, who quoted Kejriwal’s post, expressing hopes for peace and harmony to prevail.

However, Kejriwal’s response was firm. He rebuffed Hussain’s interference in India’s internal affairs, urging him to divert his attention to the dire situation prevailing in Pakistan. Kejriwal emphasized India’s capability to handle its own issues and asserted that interference from Pakistan, known for sponsoring terrorism, would not be tolerated.


The Chief Minister’s stance was reiterated through social media posts, emphasizing that elections in India are a domestic matter and India would not tolerate interference from sponsors of terrorism. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju also weighed in, suggesting that Kejriwal enjoys significant support from Pakistan, hinting at a political agenda.

As the Lok Sabha elections unfold across various states, including Bihar, Bengal, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir, the focus remains on the democratic process. With polling underway, citizens exercise their right to vote, contributing to the democratic fabric of the nation.

The significance of these elections is immense, with the future course of the country’s governance at stake. Each voter’s decision carries weight, shaping the trajectory of India’s development and progress. Amidst the electoral buzz, politicians engage in spirited debates and exchanges, aiming to sway public opinion in their favor.

The counting of votes scheduled for June 4 will mark the culmination of this electoral exercise, determining the composition of the next Lok Sabha. Until then, political parties and leaders will continue their efforts to garner support and secure victory in this democratic contest.


In the midst of this electoral fervor, instances of external interference serve as a reminder of the complexities of India’s geopolitical landscape. Kejriwal’s firm response to Hussain’s remarks underscores the importance of safeguarding India’s sovereignty and autonomy in the face of external pressures.

As citizens exercise their democratic right, the focus remains on addressing domestic issues and advancing the nation’s interests. Kejriwal’s message resonates with the sentiment of self-reliance and national pride, reaffirming India’s commitment to charting its own course of development, free from external influence.

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