Remembering Ramoji Rao: A Tribute to the Media Mogul Who Created History

Ramoji Rao

Ramoji Rao, an Indian businessman, media entrepreneur, and film producer, passed away on June 8, 2024, at the age of 88. He was the head/leader of the Ramoji Group, which owned various ventures including the world’s largest film production facility, Ramoji Film City, Eenadu newspaper, ETV Network of TV channels, and Usha Kiran Movies

The passing of veteran media boss Ramoji Rao has left a big impact on showbiz. Lots of famous people are sad and saying nice things about him. Rao did a lot for journalism, movies, and more. Famous director S.S. Rajamouli, who knew Rao for a long time, wants him to get a big award even though he’s gone. He says Rao was super hardworking and gave hope to lots of people.

Big actor Rajinikanth and others think Rao was like a teacher and did amazing things in journalism, movies, and even politics. He helped lots of people have great careers. Even actors from other places like Allu Arjun and Venkatesh Daggubati think Rao was awesome and did cool stuff for Indian media.


Jr NTR, a Telugu actor, feels sad because Rao helped him a lot in his career. Lots of other actors and production companies also feel the same way. Chiranjeevi, a big star, thinks Rao was super strong and everyone respected him.

People from other countries, like actress Kajal Aggarwal and actor Vishnu Manchu, are also sad about Rao. They think he was really smart and did a lot for journalism and movies.

Rao’s passing is a big loss for the industry. But we’ll always remember him for all the cool things he did. His legacy will inspire many people in the future. We’re saying goodbye to a great leader, but his work will live on.

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