Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

2024, Lok Sabha Election report of Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh


Visakhapatnam also popularly called Vizag is the capital of Andra Pradesh and is among the fast-progressing cities in the southeast of Asia


With intense political tension and campaigns scattered across the state of Andra Pradesh like other states of India, today is the day we finally get to witness the coming of a powerful candidate who has won persuading his people with promises and defending his case. 


Poll Events Phase 2
Notification Date  18th April
The Last Date for filing a nomination 25th April
Scrutiny of nomination  26th April
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 29th April
Date of Poll  13th May
Date of counting votes/result 4th June
No. Of constituencies 25


Major parties in Andra Pradesh



TDP alliance with center ruling parting

Chandra Naidu Babu is a prominent candidate not only for this 2024 Lok Sabha Elections but in 2019 too. Back in 2019, he was allied with The National Congress Party which he terminated during this term and joined hands with the BJP. 




Jagan Mohan Reddy is the son of former … but he has successfully proven his role not as a shadow outgrown from his father’s reputation and won the 2019 election. 

The relevance of the national party’s role in this Lok Sabha Election is observed to be between negligible and invisible. The concern the Telegu people have is what they are promised and the trust they have for their favored candidates. 



Result of Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha Election in 2024


It is a well-known fact that Visakhapatnam aka Vizag is one of the state’s constituencies, of Andra Pradesh, and today the prolonged anticipation of the election result ends.

The blessed candidate is…. Who has overthrown his major competitors by gathering …no. of votes in his hands at a winning margin of … against 25 other candidates



Now,  let us take a review of the Lok Sabha Election Result of 2024 of this constituency.


Candidates participated in the 2024 Visakhapatnam constituency, Lok Sabha Election, and their representative parties



                Name                 Party                   Vote
P. Satya Reddy INC
Pedapenki Siva Prasada Rao BSP
Jaladi Vijaya Kumari SP
Dr. Ganapathi Kongarapu RPI
P Satya Vani PPOI
Durgaprasad. Guntu BHRAD
Sribharat Mathu Kumili TDP
Jhansi Lakshmi. Botcha YSRCP
Dr. Achutha Balaji Yadav BCYP
Aruna Sri Murala BLUIP
Andukuri Vijaya Bhaskar IPBP
Ganapathi. Jagadeeswara Rao JMBP
Chintada Suryam NBHNSP
Bikkavolu Chalamaji NVCP
Gandikota Rajesh NVP
Thota Venkata Sai Mukund PRAJPP
Shankar Devara Yadav RPOI (A)
V.N. Satya Narayana RPC (S)


Chappidi Ramu IND
G.A.N. Anand IND
Janardha Ponnada IND
Kolli Naga Raja IND
Lagudu. Govinda. Rao IND
M.G.M Khan IND
Malla Sravani IND
Pididhi Apparao IND
Sondi Krishna IND
Vaddi. Hari IND
Vasupilli Suresh IND
Venu Madhav Karri IND


2019, Lok Sabha Election report of Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh



The winning candidate of the 2019 Lok Sabha Election from this constituency is Shree MVV Satyanarayana representing Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress party with 436906 votes harbored at a winning margin of 0.3% against 15 other candidates.


Now, that the result is declared and the… party is going to serve the people from here by forming a government securing… seats in the Lok Sabha, the election episode is finally closing the curtain and moving ahead with the winning candidates until another five years of serving the people. We believe we have covered all the important information you are looking for.


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