US Woman Buys Fake Jewellery Worth ₹300 For ₹6 Crore In Jaipur

A US woman was frauded by the Jaipur jewellery company. She purchased jewellery for ₹6 crore (approximately $720,000), only to find out later that it was fake and worth just ₹300 (around $4). A jeweller duo from Jaipur allegedly polished silver jewellery with a chain and sold it to US women at the price of gold. They have been frauding her for the last few years.


What the Matter?

According to an official, A US woman named Cherish Nortje met the Jewellery owner on Instagram in 2022. Over the past two years, she bought jewellery of Rs 6 crore believing that it is a genuine ornament and the gems are real. The woman bought the jewellery from a shop in Johri Bazaar, Jaipur believing that it is authentic high-value jewellery. The woman found out that it was a fraud when she attended an exhibition in the US last April where her jewellery was rejected as fake. Experts confirmed that it is an actual low-cost value and a case of fraud.

Hence, in May, she returned to Jaipyr and confronted the shop owners, identified as Rajendra Soni and his son Gaurav, they dismissed her claims. This issue leads to a heated argument. 


After an argument, all of them arrived at the police station to resolve the matter. Women are demanding to replace her fake jewellery as well and she said there are irregularities in the carat and quantities too. But shop owners Rajendra Soni and his son Gaurav Soni refused all these allegations and said Cherish took the jewellery from their shop.


US Woman Fake Jwellery Case: Police Actions:

Police check the CCTV where Cherish is leaving the shop with their jewellery. Later on 18 May, Cherish filed an FIR against the shop owner. A case has been registered under section 420 (fraud) of the Indian Penal Code against Rajendra and Gaurav. After the FIR, Jaipur police, with the help of the US Embassy, initiated an investigation. They discovered that the jewellery was silver with gold polish, grossly overvalued by the shop owners. Rajendra Soni and Gaurav Soni polished the silver chain with gold and also sold 300-worth moissanite stones at higher prices with fake certificates.

Police confirmed the news with the help of a lab test in Sitapura. Police arrested Nand Kishore who was issuing the fake certificate against the jewellery. He is providing fake certificates for some money. Police are looking for Rajendra Soni and Gaurav Soni. The police have formed special teams to locate the absconding suspects.



Jaipur fake jewellery scam memes

People on social media are using various platforms to criticise the scam. One person said, “This will build negative images of India in foreign”.

Others people reacted with jokes and memes. Here are some of the best ones:

One person wrote, “Where can i buy a jewelry that looks like 6 crore and is actually for ₹ 300? Asking for a friend.” Another said, “Ooh bhaisab gjbbb thaga gya hai.”


A third user wrote, “Meanwhile seller: underground hone ka time aa gya hai.” Someone said, “Ye to Yamla Pagla Diwana chal rhi.” A fifth user added, “India is not for begineeerss😂.”

A post described, “Golmaal hah bhai sab golmaal h.” Another person added, “Moye moye.” Yet another person commented, “Logon k pass 6 crore h parr akal nahi h.”


Impact and Reactions to the Jaipur Fake Jewellery Scam

The incident of a US woman being sold fake jewellery in Jaipur has significant implications for the city’s reputation as a global hub as well as raising doubt about the authentic and high-quality jewellery of Jaipur. Jaipur is known for its jewellery. People come here from around India and the world, just to purchase high-quality jewellery from Jaipur. However, this incident disrupted Jaipur’s reputation. Both local authorities and international visitors are worried about the potential damage to the city’s reputation as a trustworthy market for authentic jewellery.


The whole scam has shaken the confidence of international tourists and buyers in the Jaipur Jewelry Market, which is known for its renowned jewellery, gems and diamonds. This case will lead to a decrease in tourism and sales. Whereas, local jewellers and businesses are concerned about the negative impact on the market’s integrity. Over the years, Jaipur’s jewellery industry built trust and authenticity around the world, which is disturbed now just because of two people. This incident damaged long-standing reputations in the market. If there is a decline in tourist confidence, sales can have a broader economic impact on the city. It does not only affect the jewellers but also associated industries like hospitality, transport, and local artisans.


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