Must-Have Summer Accessories 2024: Spice Up Your Outfit with These Trends


Summer of 2024 is officially here, and the runways of the season have shown us a vast array of accessories like never before. Accessories are truly the cheat code to fashion; when you’re having a lazy day and just can’t get yourself to think of an outfit, accessories are your best friend. They have the power to make even the most boring outfits look chic and elegant. In this article, we will be discussing some must-have accessories for 2024. 

  1. Finger watches: Gone are the days of wearing watches on your wrist. Yes! Finger watches are now a thing! They are one of the trendiest accessories. A vintage watch on your finger gathers much more attention than one on your wrist. A watch is a timeless accessory. Now imagine one on your finger – timeless AND trendy! Brands like Rolex and Fossil have also stepped into this arena and are creating beautiful ring watches, mixing elements of a dial and jewellery. 
  2. Bows: Bows are everywhere on social media. Bows on clothes, bows on bags, bows on shoes, bows on EVERYTHING! People are obsessed with tying bows wherever they can, and we are all here for it. They are part of the ‘coquette’ trend on TikTok and Instagram reels and have taken the world by storm. Who can say anything bad about a cute pink bow in addition to your everyday looks? We know we can’t! 
  3. Cuffs and bangles: Say goodbye to your old chain and charm bracelets. They were cute, but a new player has entered the bracelet game giving the old ones a run for their money. Yes, cuffs and bangles are in. This news is especially good for Indian girls since bangles are traditional jewellery for them. A chunky gold or silver cuff will make your outfit stand out in the crowd. What are you waiting for? Get yourselves some cuffs and bangles now! 
  4. Everything cherry red: Cherry red is the official colour of the summer and probably the whole year. All thanks to Sabato De Sarno’s collection revealed in Milan Fashion Week by Gucci, they have made cherry red popular worldwide. This colour has become a part of every clothing item and accessory possible. From shoulder bags to heels and from sunglass frames to bracelets, cherry red is everywhere. The impact is so vast that it has also become a popular hair colour choice. 
  5. Textured bags: Bags are not just for keeping your stuff anymore. They have become the ultimate accessory one can carry and have the ability to make or break your outfit. A textured, unique bag will surely step your fashion game up and make you stand out. Whether it be shearling or crochet, having a statement bag in your wardrobe is a NEED for this year. Brands like Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta are in the lead when it comes to making these iconic bags. 
  6. Sunglasses with a tint: A basic sunglass with a black tint is classic, of course. But tinted glasses add so much more personality to your look. Tinted glasses used to be popular in the 70s and have successfully re-emerged in the world of fashion. A baby blue tinted glass with your basic white tank top and blue jeans has the power to make you look like someone who puts thought and effort into your outfits, and that is exactly what we want. 
  7. Slingback pointed pumps: Slingbacks have been popular since last year and we all love them. But a pointed silhouette is what elevated the slingback and became a must-have for this summer. It is stylish and elegant, yet extremely comfortable. All the ladies reading this can agree that there is nothing better than a comfortable kitten-style heel. Our favourite celebrities Hailey Bieber and Amal Clooney have been flaunting their pointed pumps. When are you? 
  8. Funky belts: Who knew that belts could be one of the trendiest accessories for the summer? Belts are no more for you to tighten your loose pants. A good,  unique belt can do so much for your outfit. I’m not talking about those black and brown leather belts, I’m talking about beaded, gold and silver, metallic belts that look like jewellery. Get your hands on one of them and I can assure you, you will instantly need more. 
  9. Elevated flip-flops: There is nothing better than a nice, comfortable pair of flip flops. But sadly, you can only wear them inside your house. Not anymore, since an elevated flip-flop is the hottest pair of shoes you can have. Many luxury brands like Miu Miu, Chanel, Michael Kors, Coperni, Burberry and more have revealed flip-flops in their runway shows. And if it is on the runway, then it can be worn by you to a picnic date.
  10. Mesh: I know, mesh as an accessory? It just doesn’t sound right. But the runway shows of spring/summer 2024 will convince you otherwise. Mesh ballet flats were all over the runway, and the impact was so major that mesh is now being included in heels and tote bags too. Thanks to Jeffrey Campbell, mesh accessories are the ‘IT’ girl accessories of the season. 


By now, we have discussed some if not all must-have accessories for 2024. As fun as they are, make sure to always dress in a way that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Being yourself and representing that in your outfits is the key to making a fashion statement. Buy accessories that resonate with you and your personality the most, and you will shine brighter than anyone!


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