Top Summer 2024 Fashion Trends To Know Now



Summer is finally here, and it is safe to say it is back with a bang. With summer comes fresh and bright days, iced coffees, cafe dates and most importantly, summer clothes. As you all pack your jackets and sweaters, you must be thinking – what new clothes do I need for the summer? Well, look no further, because today in this article we will discuss the top summer fashion trends that will completely elevate all your summer looks! 



1. Athletic prep:

Trust me, athletic clothes are not just for the gym anymore. Thanks to Miu Miu’s inclusion of athletic-style clothes into high fashion, you can rock your pleated tennis skirts outside of your workout too! Special shoutout to Zendaya in the movie ‘Challengers’ because people have now fallen in love with sportswear. You can now dress like you have a membership in a sports club and absolutely nobody would bat an eye. From tennis caps to button-down shirts, you can wear it all and still be trendy. 

2. Return of Boho:

Please bear with me, because I know most of you must have been transported back to 2013 after reading the word Boho itself. But the boho that I am talking about is a new and elegant version, a version you never thought could be possible. A flowy, long white skirt with a deep brown bag with some fringes will make you look like the ‘IT’ girl. Be ready to look like the chicest boho queen this summer. 

3. Basics but not so basic:

We all love our basics, don’t we? When we have a long day of work ahead of us and the last thing we can think of is putting an outfit together, a white top and blue jeans is the easiest way out. But for this summer, we’re only wearing basics with a twist. Wear your black blazers and your high-waisted jeans but add a little bit more personality to them and voila- you have yourself a simple yet chic, elegant and luxurious outfit! 

4. White dresses:

We all love a good little black dress. But this is summertime, and summertime calls for the opposite – white! Thanks to brands like Prada, Tove and Tory Burch, people have left black for the good and adopted white into their closets. Whether it’s a cocktail party, a brunch with your friends, or just a solo coffee date, a white dress, long or little, will be your best friend! 


5. The American West:

Ever since Beyonce dropped her album “Cowboy Carter”, fashion took a turn in its direction. Not only are people wearing cowboy boots and lacy frontier dresses to her shows but also in their everyday lives since it has become the hottest summer trend. Brands like Chloé, Dior and Ganni have adopted this Texas style into their clothes and are selling the most spot-on pieces for you to grab ASAP! 

6. Slim sneakers:

I am sure you must have heard of slim sneakers trending last summer as well. I would suggest you hold onto them since they are in for this summer too. Let your chunky sneakers stay in the back of your closet just a little bit longer, because, from the looks of it, slim sneakers are here to stay. The most famous slim sneakers right now are being made by Adidas. Whether it be Sambs or Gazelles, slim sneakers are the way to go! 

7. Sky blue:

It is safe to say that sky blue is the official colour of the summer among fashion girls. It is bright, and soothing, and makes every skin tone look good. What more could you want? Thanks to brands like Staud and Bottega Veneta, a sky-blue addition to your outfit will surely elevate your look. Wear a long sky-blue dress for a picnic or just add a sky blue colored bag to your outfit, the choices are endless! 

8. Sheer layering:

Most of us must have already seen many instances of sheer layering on the red carpets of brands like Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Prada and more. And if it is on the carpet, it will become a trend. If sheer layering clothes are a little out of your comfort zone, then no worries, because bags with a similar style are also available now and will make your outfit stand out. 


9. Statement belts:

Who knew belts could become a trend? For many of us belts were never a main accessory, it was just a way to tighten our loose jeans. But gone are those days, because belts are now hot, and the credit goes to brands like Ferragamo and Tom Ford. A good chunky belt will make even the most basic outfits look well put together. 

10. Shimmer and shine:

Good news in the world of fashion – shine and shimmer is not just for special occasions anymore. Thanks to Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade, a shimmery gown or a sequined top is not just for a late-night party but also for an afternoon lunch with your friends. Gucci, H&M, 16 Arlington and various other brands have some of the finest shiny pieces for you. Go and get yourself something NOW! 


These are some of the top summer trends for 2024, but trust me there are many more. Try everything and see what feels the most like yourself. While following trends we often forget about our likes and dislikes and start doing things just like everyone else. Trends are so much fun, but the best thing about fashion is that you can dress in a way that truly represents you, and that is what matters the most!


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