Strawberry Moon: The Full Moon of June | Celebrate Summer Solstice with the June 21st Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon

The globe is going to see the most extraordinary event on Friday, June 21st. It is the night of the full moon this day. Astronomy and astrology predict that although this day will be the longest of the year, there will be an extremely unusual sight in the night sky. People will be able to witness it with open eyes as it will resemble some sort of miracle. The Strawberry Moon will be visible to everyone on this day in the night sky. The moon will be a pale pink hue, and summer will officially begin in North America and Europe on this day. The moon will appear red while rising in the North Countries of the European continent. This is more likely to happen when the moon appears very low in the sky. While rising it will be pink in colour. NASA has confirmed the occurrence of this miracle.

When and where can you see the Strawberry Moon ?

The Strawberry Moon will be at its high point on Friday, June 21 at 9:07 pm, which is also the longest day of the year. It will shine with 97% light in New York City, USA, at around 7:45 pm on Thursday night. Its light will be 100% when it shines at around 8:50 pm on Friday. It will also shine with 100% light till 9:45 pm on Saturday. During this time, people in the rest of the world will also be able to see the full moon for 3 days. According to scientists, the moon will rise at around 9.35 pm and will set at 5.26 am. On June 21, the sun will rise at 5.21 am and set at around 9.03 pm. This means that the sun will be visible for 15 hours and 41 minutes throughout the day. It is believed that on this day the moon is very close to the earth, so it will look very big and bright.

What is Strawberry Moon ?

According to spiritual traditions, the Strawberry Moon is a symbol of love, purity and prosperity. It is a time to enjoy the sweetness of life and connect with the positive energy flowing around. This rare phenomenon occurs only once in 19 to 20 years. According to old beliefs, strawberry cultivation begins in the month of June.


Strawberry moon is seen in this month, due to this the moon seen on the night of full moon is named Strawberry Moon. Not only in America, but in the whole world the moon will be seen in light pink color. The phenomenon that happens on the full moon day in the month of June is also known by European names Mead or Honey Moon and Rose Moon.

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