Srikakulam Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Srikakulam, known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, witnessed a momentous Lok Sabha Election in 2024. Situated in the northern part of Andhra Pradesh, Srikakulam is renowned for its agricultural prowess and vibrant socio-political landscape.

Historical Context and Socio-Political Landscape

Srikakulam has a diverse socio-political fabric shaped by its historical significance and contemporary challenges. With a mix of urban and rural demographics, the constituency has been a bastion of political activity. Historically, it has been a stronghold of various political parties, each vying for dominance in the region.

Srikakulam Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results Table

Candidate Party Votes Received
Candidate 1 Party A XXXXX
Candidate 2 Party B XXXXX
Candidate 3 Party C XXXXX
Others/Independent XXXXX

Electoral History and Past Performance

In previous elections, Srikakulam has witnessed fierce electoral battles, often characterized by close contests and significant voter turnout. Various political parties have had their share of victories, reflecting the dynamic nature of politics in the region.

2024 Candidates and Voter Turnout

In the 2024 Lok Sabha Election, Srikakulam saw a diverse range of candidates representing major political parties as well as independent candidates. The voter turnout was indicative of the electorate’s keen interest in shaping the future of the constituency.


2019 Candidates and Results

In the previous Lok Sabha Election held in 2019, Srikakulam saw a closely fought contest between prominent political parties. The eventual outcome played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of the region for the subsequent years.

Election Verdict and Analysis

The 2024 Lok Sabha Election in Srikakulam culminated in a verdict that reflected the aspirations and preferences of the electorate. The analysis of the results provides valuable insights into the prevailing socio-political dynamics and the future trajectory of the constituency.



As Srikakulam charts its course in the aftermath of the 2024 Lok Sabha Election, it stands at a crucial juncture in its political journey. The electoral verdict paves the way for new opportunities and challenges, shaping the destiny of the constituency and its people.

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