Silchar Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Silchar Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

2024, Lok Sabha Election, Constituency Silchar, Assam


Silchar is one of the 14 constituencies of Assam, also known as Dhubri is called the ‘City of Rivers’ for being surrounded by three rivers and has become a famous commercial center in the North East region, of India for the production of jute. The city was first constituted as a municipal board under British rule in 1883. 




                    Poll Events

          1             2       3
Notification Date  20 March 28 March 12 April
The Last Date for filing a nomination 26 March 4 April 19 April
Scrutiny of nomination  27 March 5 April 20 April
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 30 March 8 April 22 April
Date of Poll  19 April 26 April 7 May
Date of counting votes/result                             4 June
No. Of constituencies 5 5 4


Political Climate in the Silchar Constituency, Assam 


There is a long history of Congress being a dominant party in this constituency however since 2009, there has been a turn of the page, AIUDF of Badruddin Ajmal has entered the chat. 


Before the announcement of the 2024, Lok Sabha election, there was a strong belief among the population that the chances of Congress winning this election were higher compared to the chances of BJP in this General Election. But we have the result now, it shall be revealed in the following lines.



Candidates contesting in the 2024, Lok Sabha Election from Silchar Constituency, Assam


Name  Party  Votes 
Rakibul Hussain INC
Radharani Biswas HSP
Rejaul Karim RPI (Athawale)
Tahidur Rahman VPI
Shukur Ali AJM
Surat Zaman Mondal SUCI
S.M. Haque BGP
Hafiz Burhanuddin NRMP
Badruddin Ajmal AIUDF
Zabed Islam AGP
Alakesh Roy IND
Biswajit Ray IND
Faruk Khan IND


Winning Candidate of Silchar Constituency in the 2024 Lok Sabha Election 



Here is the name declared by the Indian election committee, [] of the [] party secured [] votes and concluded the election episode by defeating the runner-up [] of the [] party who have secured [] votes by [].

We hope this news brings you hope and your faith rejuvenated. Congratulations to the winner and his dedicated workers and supporters.



The Lok Saba Election, 2019 Report of Silchar Constituency, Assam


In the 2019 Lok Sabha Election Rajdeep Roy from the BJP party secured 499414 votes with a winning margin of 8.6% excelling over his closest competitor Sushmita Dev from the INC party who had secured 417818 votes.



We hope we bought a piece of peace and covered all the details you were looking for.

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