Sidhartha Mallya Set to Wed Long-Time Girlfriend Jasmine in Week-Long Celebrations

Sidhartha Mallya, the son of renowned businessman Vijay Mallya, is preparing for a joyous occasion as he gets ready to marry his long-time girlfriend, Jasmine. This wedding has been much anticipated, marked by a romantic proposal and now a week-long celebration filled with love and happiness.

The journey towards this wedding began on Halloween of 2023 when Sidhartha decided to propose to Jasmine. It was a special moment captured in pictures shared on social media. Dressed in Halloween costumes—a pumpkin and a witch—they looked adorable together. Sidhartha, known not only for his lineage but also for his former career as a model and actor, kneeled down with a ring in hand, asking Jasmine to marry him. The pictures went viral, spreading the news of their engagement far and wide.

The excitement didn’t stop there. As the wedding week approached, Sidhartha couldn’t contain his happiness. He took to Instagram, sharing a photo of him and Jasmine embracing within a beautiful flower frame. His caption read, “Wedding week has commenced… #wedding #ily,” expressing his love and anticipation for the upcoming festivities.

Sidhartha Mallya’s journey into the limelight began with his involvement as the director of the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Later, he gained further recognition as a judge on “The Hunt for The Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013.” Despite his illustrious background and varied career, Sidhartha has also devoted time to advocate for mental health awareness, authoring two books. His memoir, “If I’m Honest: A Memoir of My Mental Health Journey,” and his children’s book, “Sad-Glad,” aim to foster understanding and support for mental health issues among youth.


Born in Los Angeles and raised across London and the UAE, Sidhartha pursued his education at Wellington College, Queen Mary University of London, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. His journey led him into the entertainment industry, where he explored acting and modeling, making appearances in films like the comedy “Brahman Naman.” Beyond acting, Sidhartha has hosted online shows and worked in marketing roles, contributing his skills and experiences to diverse projects.

As Sidhartha and Jasmine prepare for their wedding, they are surrounded by love and support from family and friends. The celebrations are expected to span a week, filled with cultural traditions, heartfelt ceremonies, and memorable moments. Their union symbolizes not just their love for each other but also the merging of families and cultures, bringing together joyous festivities that mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The wedding venue, decorated with flowers and lights, will be a picturesque setting for their vows. Guests will gather to witness their commitment and share in their happiness. From traditional rituals to modern celebrations, every aspect of the wedding reflects the couple’s personalities and values. It’s not just a union of two individuals but a coming together of dreams, aspirations, and a shared future.

For Sidhartha and Jasmine, this wedding is not just an event but a culmination of their journey together—a journey marked by love, companionship, and mutual respect. As they embark on this new adventure, they are supported by their families and well-wishers, who eagerly await the festivities and cheer them on as they step into married life.


The week-long celebrations will be a time of joy and festivity, with music, dance, and feasting bringing everyone together. It’s a time to cherish memories, create new traditions, and celebrate love in its purest form. Sidhartha and Jasmine’s wedding is more than just a ceremony—it’s a celebration of love, life, and the bonds that bring people together.

As the wedding week unfolds, Sidhartha and Jasmine will be surrounded by loved ones, sharing laughter and tears of joy. From the colorful Mehendi ceremony to the solemn wedding vows, every moment will be cherished and remembered. Their love story, from the Halloween proposal to the grand celebrations, is a testament to love’s enduring power and the beauty of finding a soulmate.

In conclusion, Sidhartha Mallya and Jasmine’s wedding is a celebration of love, family, and togetherness. It’s a time to honor traditions, create lasting memories, and embark on a new journey hand in hand. Their story inspires us all to believe in love’s magic and the joy of finding a partner to share life’s adventures.

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