Shocking Murder Near Mumbai: Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend With Spanner

Shocking Murder Near Mumbai

In a chilling incident near Mumbai, a 20-year-old man, Rohit Yadav, brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend, Aarti Yadav, on a busy street in Vasai. The horrifying attack, captured on CCTV, took place on the morning of June 18, 2024, as Aarti was on her way to work. The footage reveals Rohit chasing Aarti and repeatedly striking her with a large spanner, eventually killing her.

The Incident

The attack occurred around 8:30 am in the East Chinchpada area of Vasai. Aarti Yadav was walking along a crowded road, likely thinking about her day ahead, when Rohit Yadav suddenly appeared behind her. Without warning, he struck her on the head with a spanner. The force of the blow caused Aarti to fall to the ground. As she struggled to lift her head, Rohit continued to hit her, delivering fifteen brutal blows until she lay motionless.

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Public Indifference

Disturbingly, the busy road was filled with pedestrians, but no one intervened to stop the attack. A man briefly attempted to intervene but was pushed away and threatened by Rohit, who was in a frenzy. The onlookers, perhaps in shock or fear, did not attempt to stop him, allowing the attack to continue unchecked.

After the Attack

In the aftermath of the assault, another video recorded by an onlooker shows Rohit standing over Aarti’s lifeless body, still holding the spanner. In a shocking display, he bends down, grabs her face, and screams, “Why did you do this to me? Why did you do this?” before striking her once more. He then discarded the bloodied spanner and walked away into the crowd, leaving a scene of horror behind him.

Police Response

The police quickly responded to the incident and arrested Rohit Yadav. They confirmed that he will be charged with murder. According to the authorities, Rohit had been upset since Aarti ended their relationship. He suspected that she had moved on and found someone else, which seems to have triggered his violent outburst.


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Rohit and Aarti were reportedly in a relationship that had recently ended. Friends and family mentioned that Rohit had not taken the breakup well and was increasingly agitated and obsessed with Aarti’s whereabouts and activities. This tragic event highlights the extreme consequences that can arise from unresolved emotions and unchecked aggression.

A Broader Issue

This incident is not an isolated case. It reflects a broader issue of violence against women, particularly in relationships. The public’s reluctance to intervene during the attack also raises questions about societal attitudes towards such violence. Fear, apathy, or uncertainty about how to respond can lead to inaction, which, in this case, had deadly consequences.


Legal and Social Implications

Rohit Yadav will face legal proceedings for his actions. The charge of murder is severe, and if convicted, he could face life imprisonment or even the death penalty. This case may also prompt discussions about the need for better protection for women, especially those who have left abusive relationships.

Psychological Insights

Experts suggest that such extreme violence often stems from deep-seated issues like possessiveness, insecurity, and an inability to cope with rejection. Mental health support and counseling might help individuals deal with these emotions in a healthier manner. It’s crucial to recognize the signs of potential violence in a relationship and seek help before it escalates.

Community Responsibility

The incident also underscores the responsibility of the community in preventing such tragedies. While it’s understandable that fear can prevent immediate intervention, there are other ways to help, such as calling the authorities or creating a distraction to defuse the situation. Public awareness campaigns can educate people on how to safely intervene or assist in emergencies.


The brutal murder of Aarti Yadav by her ex-boyfriend Rohit Yadav is a tragic reminder of the dangers of unresolved emotional issues and the extreme violence that can result from them. It also highlights the urgent need for societal change in how we address and respond to violence, particularly against women. As the legal process unfolds, it’s crucial to reflect on the broader implications of this incident and work towards creating a safer environment for everyone.


This heartbreaking incident calls for stronger measures to protect individuals from domestic violence, better mental health support, and a more proactive approach from the community in preventing such tragedies. Aarti’s untimely death should not be in vain but serve as a catalyst for change in how we address and prevent relationship violence.

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