Puri Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Today in this article we will discuss the Lok Sabha results for the state of Orissa. Today the election commission of India finally declared the results for 18th Lok Sabha __________________ party has won __________________ number of seats and will be now creating the government at the at the centre. 


Odisha has 21 Lok Sabha constituencies, in this article will be dealing with only one Lok Sabha constituency that is Puri district. 



Puri is one of the important constituencies as it holds very religious sentiments also. It is situated almost 60 km South to the capital city of Bhubaneswar and located at the Bay of Bengal. It also holds significance as it is the home of Jagannath Puri temple which is one of the pilgrimage sites of Hindus that is part of the famous Chardham Yatra. In ancient time Puri was known by various names such as Shri Kshetra, this area was invaded by Muslim rulers various times due to it’s Glory. It was the part of British India from 18th century data after the independence of India it also got independence.


 The constituency of Puri there are three  major parties which contest elections one is BJD second is BJP and the third one is INC. As per the data released by the election commission of India the total voter turnout in Puri was 75.43. Elections in Puri took place on 25th May 2024  in phase VI of polls.


Poll event Phase 6
Filling on nomination 29th April 2024
Last date of filing nomination

6th May 2024
Scrutiny of  nomination 7th May 2024
Last date of withdrawal of nomination 9th May 2024
Date of poll 25th May 2024
Date of counting votes 4th June 2024
Number of constituency



As you know that Odisha has 21 constituencies and the result for all the 21 constituencies have being announced so let’s have a look on the result of Puri constituency. 



Major parties in the election of Puri


There were three major parties in the election of Puri they were INC, BJP and BJD. 



Indian National Congress which was founded by A. O. Hume in1805 is the leading party in the election of Cuttack. Earlier when India was a British colony Indian National Congress played a vital role to make India independent.


BJP which is the ruling party from 2014 was found in 1955 in the form of Bhartiya jansangh by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who left Hindu Mahasabha to form it. Later after the revocation of emergency various other parties merged with Bharatiya Jana Sangh and from the Janata Party which later came to be known as Bharatiya Janata Party



BJD aur Biju Janata Dal founded by Naveen Patnaik on 26 December 1997 is an Indian regional party with an influence in the politics of Odisha. It was formed when Naveen Patnaik parted ways from Janata Dal. The headquarters of the party is located in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.


Candidates in Puri constituency 



This year Arun Patnaik is contesting from the ticket of BJD he is a retired from Indian Police Services and served as 36 Police Commissioner of Mumbai. He is a distinguished police officer he receive to president police medal and Indian police medal in his career of 36 years. His bravery and fearlessness lead him to be the first Odia IPS officer to held the position of Commissioner of Police in Mumbai. 


This year sambit Patra is also contesting from the ticket of BJP from the constituency of Puri  he is an Indian politician and surgeon who also served as national super person of BJP in 2017 he was appointed as the Independence director of oil and natural gas corporation of India currently he was serving as chairman of Indian Tourism Development  Corporation. 



This year Jai Narayan Patnaik is contesting from the constituency of Puri on the ticket of INC

Results of Puri Constituency



This year       party won the election with a margin of      votes from other candidates.

2019 Lok Sabha poll results –


In 2019 Lok Sabha polls  BJD Pinaki Mishra won the constituency with almost 1% vote share from BJP sambit Patra



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