Prime Minister Modi to Inaugurate Nalanda University Campus in Bihar Tomorrow

Prime Minister Modi to Inaugurate Nalanda University Campus in Bihar Tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Bihar next week to officially open the new campus of Nalanda University, a modern revival of the ancient seat of learning. This event marks a significant milestone for education and culture in India.

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The inauguration ceremony, scheduled for June 19, will be attended by several dignitaries including Governor Rajendra Arlekar and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The Prime Minister is expected to spend about an hour and a half at the ceremony, where he will address the audience.

Nalanda University, located near the renowned Nalanda Mahavira site, spans an impressive 450 acres. Established by an Act of Parliament in 2010, the university offers diverse courses including Hindu Studies, Buddhist Studies, Comparative Religion, and Ecological and Environmental Studies.

The idea to revive Nalanda University gained international endorsement at the East Asia Summit, reflecting its historical significance as a center of learning until the 13th century. Former President APJ Abdul Kalam had previously advocated for its revival, underscoring its importance in India’s cultural heritage.


The Prime Minister is expected to arrive at the venue by helicopter from Gaya airport. The ceremony will commence at approximately 10:30 AM, following the Prime Minister’s visit to the ancient ruins of Nalanda earlier in the morning.

The new campus aims to uphold the legacy of the ancient university, fostering academic excellence and research in various disciplines. Its inauguration is a moment of pride for Bihar and a testament to India’s commitment to promoting education and preserving its rich cultural heritage.

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