Best Places to Visit in Lonavala & Khandala – Best time to visit, Things to Do in 2024

Best Places to Visit in Lonavala & Khandala


Heat waves, boiling, and baking in the rising temperatures are becoming the new normal. Until we have a magic lamp to rub and ask the genie to bring it down we must look for an alternative and effective solution to this global climate tragedy. Here are hot yet cold tourist places and the top things to do in 2024 at Lonavala and Khandala, twin hill stations are a perfect destination in summer we have curated them for you. Book your schedule and book your tickets for the lists.

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What do you know about Lonavala & Khandala?


It is a municipal council as well as a hill station located in Pune, Maharashtra 64km drive towards the west of Pune and 96km to the East of Mumbai. Although Mumbai city has a reputation for ugly traffic situation if we hunt deeper and peel layers out there are places that are nature’s way of making up to the people of Maharashtra and serve to the tourism sector of the state.

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Weather situation at Lonavala & Khandala


                                                          Climate Report Of Lonavala
Month  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  Year 
Mean daily maximum 27.9





















31.4(88.5) 30.1






Daily mean 18.9


















24.3(75.7) 24.8





19.1(66.4) 23.9


Mean daily minimum 9.9(49.8) 11.4























11.5(52.7) 17.4


Average precipitation mm (inches) 4











666(26.2) 1733

















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Lists of hot yet cold destinations at Lonavala & Khandala, twin hill stations


1. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is one of the historic forts closely situated to Lonavala attracts major tourists and trekkers’ attention during the monsoon season. If you happen to be here for a good time, you may get a rare chance to witness fireflies light up the surroundings at night. Take a chance, take a leap of fate.



2. Ryewood Park & Shivaji Udyan


Ryewook Park was once a botanical park later made into a public park. It is situated close to Lonavala Market and a perfect family picnic spot with children



3. Valvan Dam

valvan dam

Valvan Dam is more than a century-old garden built by British people. The weather is usually around 25-33 degrees Celsius

The flourishing greenery and peaceful environment are what Valvan Dam is offering, a seclusion of city bussing crowds this place is all up to make up for the journey you went through to get here. The serving as a powerhouse and generator for electricity at the Khopoli Power Station is owned by Tata Power, India’s sustainable sustainability practicing company. You are in for a good photographic practice.

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4. Della Adventure Park

It is a large water cum amusement park located in Lonavala hill station.

You are invited here for different fun activities including aqua Zorb, swoop swing, flying fox, and rappelling, and you cannot definitely risk missing the paint and pain of paintball, buggy ride, and bull ride because why should Texas have all the fun?


After all these, you can stay longer the night to dine and wine and enjoy what the nightlife has to offer here.


5. Lonavala Lake

1.6 km drive away from the town on the outskirts of Lonavala is Lonavala Lake where Inrayani River joins the vast. It is enveloped by mesmerizing nature’s beauty and is known as the monsoon lake since it dries up during winter months. The place opens with many local food vendors and stalls and don’t miss the Vada Pao and Gola when you are here or anywhere in Maharashtra.



6. Duke Nose

You cannot miss Duke Nose if you are here in Lonavala. It is only 7km away from Lonavala and is a popular viewpoint. This is a haven away from the city for hikers and an abundant resource for photographers. But why is it called Duke Nose? Because it resembles the Duke of Wellington’s nose size. What a way to pay tribute to the Duke.


7. Karla caves

The story of these caves is as old as time built by Buddhist monks during the 3rd and 2nd century B.C. It has a Hindu temple called Ekvira Aai Temple. An interesting lore about this temple is that it is believed to have been built by the Pandavas during their exile.



8. Lohagad Fort

This fort also known as Iron Fort is a masterpiece of Maharashtrian architecture showcase of Maharashtrian style and elements. 11.2 km from the Malavali railway station leads you here.


9. Visapur Fort

Closely located to the Lohagad Fort is the Visapur Fort which was built by Balaji Vishwanath during the 1713-1720 century. It is larger in size and higher than the Lohagad fort.



10. Lion Point

This is another viewpoint you meet between Bhushi and Aamby Valley. Regardless of the name given it has no lion but it is called so because of its association with Lonavala’s Lion Club.

The view up here is this point is close to the experience of being beyond heaven with a mesmerizing panoramic stretch of vast views of the neighboring hills and the valley below. The hilltop encircled by cascading waterfalls and vibrant greenery adds extra charm to this heavenly landscape.


11. Narayani Dham

Driving just 2km from Lonavla railway station is where you come across Narayani Dham built in 2002 paying tribute to the Hindu Goddess Narayani.



12. Tungarli Dum

Only 2km away from the city center, one of the must-visit places includes Tungarli Dum which is built adjacent to Tungarli Lake in the Rajmachi region. This dam is a major source of irrigation in this region. Enjoy the treat of wilderness after a long track of trek trail camping alongside this lake, which can also add up another whole new adventure being surrounded by water and greenery.


13. Reverse Waterfall

Ever heard of waterfalls flowing in the reverse direction? Very few exist and the most famous Reverse Waterfall in the country. The reverse Waterfall is highly recommended to visit during the monsoon. It is only 9km away from the city center.



14. Aundoli

Campsite location in wilderness tall-tall mountains in the background. Aundoli spreads across a vastness of land. Backpackers, couples on honeymoon, and family getaway trips stop here for an exclusive destination experience


15. Kune Waterfalls

Not so far away from the meddling city center lies the Kune Waterfalls which are considered the 14th highest waterfalls in the country located in Lonavala. These falls stand tall in three folds in the background of the Sahayadri Mountains.



16. Tiger’s Leap

Tiger’s Leap is a cliff top with a stiff fall of more than 600m. Standing there you can catch a breathtaking extensive 180-degree view of all the hills and the famous Western Ghats from the geography textbook.


How to reach Lonavala & Khandala: A brief Travel guide



Via Roadways

When you reach Pune or other Cities in Maharastra you can look for a travel agency for a tour bus to reach Lonavala & Khandala. There is a cab service available too and if you find it expensive you can go for sharing rides with other tourists


Via Airways

Aamby Valley, a city closely located to Lonavala has a private airport, but you have other commercial airport options too. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is only 104 km away from the destination and there is Pune International Airport only 64 km away. If you’re in for a different airway experience, between Juhu and Pawana Dam there is a sea service plane available only 14km away from Lonavala. This one is irresistible if your budget permits.



Via railways

Lonavala is well connected to multiple cities of Maharastra through railways. Local trains come and go, passing the destination, and you can always have a panoramic live experience taking the railway routes. 


Other fun things to not miss out on in 2024 at Lonavala & Khandala


  • One cannot miss out on shopping in the local bazaar and devouring the local delicacies like chicken and canned jams from local markets and street side vendors. Get some packed to share with those waiting for you at home.
  • There is no such thing call, visiting a tourist spot and leaving home without stepping foot in the marketplace.
  • The local market has its own handicraft and clothes collection though may not be branded but of good quality.
  • Another popular fact is enjoying the taste of 2-minute instant noodles, Maggi at the roadsides of misty hill stations is a whole other experience. Do not think twice to try it.



Above all these explore the small town of Khandala just by walking, it is indeed a small place, and while you are already here take a walk to remember alone or with company.


Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum

Lonavala is also known for captivating the attention of many tourists with its Wax Museum which holds wax figures of 100 popular prolific people. It is the first Wax Museum in the country.

Spoiler Alert! It has popular people like Mr Bean Action Figure waiting to receive you!



Where to shelter the Night at Lonavala & Khandala?

The tourism department of Maharashtra and the locals serve the tourists who come to support them. There are resorts, homestays, campsites, hotels, and private villas open to receive you at any hour of your arrival.


Lonavala & Khandala is home to many thrilling adventures, quiet retreats, and friends and family vacation getaways waiting to welcome tourists on their way to taste the thrill of all the touristy destinations, it has in its store and this summer is the right time to explore the place, escape the heat waves. The water and amusement parks, secluded forts, trails of trekking tracks, and waterfalls that give an illusion of a vertical water bridge connecting the sky and the earth are waiting for you in 2024 to share the magic moments. Get your camera ready, get your family and friends to pack their bags, and plan a package to explore and experience the untamed wild beauty of  Lonavala & Khandala. While you are there, do not forget to respect the place and its environment, and be mindful of littering any sort of waste here and there. Let’s be respectful to the service providers and maintain our integrity by participating in the Better Planet mission.   



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