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CUET PG 2024

CUET PG 2024 Online Apply Link NTA CUET Application Form, Eligibility, Seat Reservation, Check Exam Date Here

Simran KaurFeb 22, 20248 min read

CUET PG 2024 Online Apply Link NTA CUET Application Form, Eligibility, Seat Reservation, Check Exam Date Here The CUET PG 2024 exams will be held between 11 March to 28 March 2024. NTA has released the notification for the application…

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: Highlights from Y20 India Summit 2023

Youth 20 (Y20) is an official consultation forum for youth from all G20 member countries to be able to dialogue with each other. Y20 encourages youth as future leaders to raise awareness of global issues, exchange ideas, argue, negotiate, and reach consensus.

Y20 India, also known as the Youth 20 Summit, is a significant gathering that amplifies the voices of young leaders from across the G20 nations. This annual event serves as a platform for youth engagement, discussion, and collaboration on pressing global issues.

The Y20 Summit, abbreviated as Y20, is the youth counterpart of the G20 Summit, where delegates from various countries convene to address challenges and propose solutions relevant to the G20 agenda. As the largest youth demographic in history, the Y20 delegates bring diverse perspectives and insights to the table.

The Y20 Summit, with its full form denoting “Youth 20”, plays a vital role in shaping the policies and priorities of the G20 nations. By focusing on themes such as economic development, social justice, environmental sustainability, and international cooperation, the summit aims to influence decision-making processes and advocate for youth-centric policies.

In 2023, the Y20 Summit was held in Varanasi, attracting youth delegates and stakeholders from around the world. The theme of the Y20 Summit 2023 centered around Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation and 21st Century Skills, Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance and Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, reflecting the critical issues faced by young people globally.

Looking ahead to 2024, the G20 Youth Summit 2024, or Y20 Summit 2024, is poised to continue its legacy of fostering dialogue, collaboration, and action among youth leaders. As the world grapples with complex challenges, the Y20 Summit serves as a beacon of hope, empowering young voices to drive positive change and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Disclaimer: Y20 India is an independent platform created to facilitate discussions and engagement among youth leaders. We are not affiliated with any government entity, nor are we an official government website. Our goal is to provide information and foster dialogue on youth-related issues, independently of any governmental influence or endorsement.

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