Europe’s Hidden Gems: 10 Offbeat Destinations for Your Next Adventure

Top 10 Hidden Gems to Visit in Europe

Want to get away from the crowd?? Here are 10 hidden gems of Europe that you should visit!

Europe is so well-known throughout the world that it’s possible that many of the locations on your wish list are found there. It features some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but that’s precisely the point—those popular, gorgeous destinations are just “too common.”

What’s the matter with public spaces?


Oh my, you’re thinking of visiting Paris! Your coworker is organising a trip to Paris as well! Oh oh, the brother-in-law of your colleague is also visiting Paris!

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Isn’t it relatable? I understand. It makes sense that you are searching for undiscovered, secret, and unusual locations. The well-known and anticipated locations are packed with travelers who share your excitement for the trip. 

While there is beauty in crowds, there are times when you want to unwind, take a break, and avoid running into your coworkers while on vacation. It may sound harsh, but the purpose of vacations is to unwind and escape the grind of everyday life. 

Don’t worry here I have 10 places in Europe that will be offbeat, different and less explored by travelling geeks and places that will not make you regret your decision. 



1. Greece’s Skiathos Island

Greece's Skiathos Island 

A section of the Aegean Sea’s northwest Sporades island group. The island is a fascinating destination to visit because of its international culture and stunning natural surroundings. Seashores! Do you enjoy the beach? The location appears ideal for you. It boasts more than sixty beaches with pristine blue waters. 

The island’s nightlife is well-known! The best part is that there won’t be as many people around, giving you plenty of room to dance uncontrollably. The most well-known beach in this area is Koukounaries, which ranks third in the Mediterranean for beauty. There are many experiences to be had on the pedestrian-only historic street. 

The place is a hub of cultural events and artistic presentation which will let you explore the typical European culture. 


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2. Cefalu, Sicily, Italy

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy


Looking for authenticity? Looking for a medical fishing port, an old cathedral and beaches? 

What keep you away from Cefalu? Located on the northern cost of Sicily and about 70 km from palermo. The city lies in the lap of a monumental rock known to the Phoenicians as the “promontory of Hercules” and where the Temple of Diana stands.


3. Adishi, Geogia

Adishi, Geogia


A small mountain Village located in the region of Samegrelo and Upper Swaneti, Sandwiched between the mountains of the Greater Caucasus in Georgia.

It’s another authentic town that showcases almost 1000 old churches, fortified towers and ancient frescoes, which provides you with a pretty historic vacation.


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4. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

I was intrigued with the view of Zermatt that i saw on google but I’m pretty sure that you’ll fall in love with this place once you visit it. The town is perfect for skiing during alluring mountain peaks and snowy weather. It is located right next to the triangular peak of Matterhorn which offers the visitors a brilliant view.


Except for Skiing and outdoor activities the town offers a lot experiences such as shopping and great food to discover, Bahnhofstrasse being the main street to do so. 


5. Mallorca, Spain


City that is blend of medival architecture, pines, beautiful coastline and exciting parties, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands.


Its location in the Mediterranean adds to it’s beauty even more. 


6. Ilha das Flores, The Azores, Portugal


It’s a place to enjoy natural pools of Santa Cruz, beaches of Lajes das Flores and Faja Grande or swim at the foot of the Poco de Bacalhau and Ribeira Grande waterfalls.


Located in Portugal,the island is one of the two existing autonomous regions. Composing of 9 islands the archipelago in North Atlantic ocean is a site that commits to sustainable tourism so if you’re a traveller who loves flaura and fauna, nature watching hiking and food that this place is for you.


7. Sistelo, Portugal


“The little Portuguese Tibet.” As it’s called is considered as one of 7 wonders of Portugal with 300 inhabitants. Located near the Penada Geres National Park, Sistelo is a place of green terraces which mostly produces corn.


Sistelo is under the protection as it was classified as one of the Portugal’s national monuments which showcases it’s cultural heritage.

“Cha da Armada” and “Brandas de Sistelo” are some spots you cannot miss 


8. Portoferraio, Livorno, Elba Island, Italy



An island that carries rich history which includes exile of Napolean Bonaparte is located in the province of Livorno.

Being the biggest city in the island the place is good to visit in all seasons.


9. Portovenere, Liguria, Italy.



Popularly a fishing village, the place is a prominent maritime centre of Roman era. Also a part of UNESCO world heritage site, Portovenere is a great destination for vacation. It highlights its port in a beautiful manner and the town in itself is amazing to roam around. You can visit the Church of San Pietro that was built in the Paleo-Christian period. 


10. Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom.


This place offers you a home like holiday with warm winds and a peaceful environment. It is also known as the most beautiful island of English Riviera. It offers great holiday plans with wonderful beaches.



Happy holidays!

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