NEET 2024 Answer Key To Be Released Soon By NTA: Significance, Downloading, Challenging Procedures, How to Download Official OMR Sheet PDF and More!

Stay updated with the latest developments regarding the NEET 2024 exam as the National Testing Agency (NTA) is expected to release the answer keys and OMR sheets soon. The tentative release date for these documents is within this week. Once released, candidates can download the NEET 2024 answer keys and OMR sheets in PDF format from the official website of the exam.

The NEET 2024 exam took place on May 5, 2024, with a massive participation of over 22 lakh candidates across 571 cities in India and abroad. In addition to the answer keys, NTA will also provide candidates’ response sheets, allowing test-takers to review their performance and evaluate their answers. Keep an eye out for updates on the release of the NEET 2024 answer keys and OMR sheets, as well as the opening of the objection submission window. Stay informed to ensure timely access to these crucial documents.

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NEET 2024 Answer Key:

The NEET 2024 answer key is a document provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) that contains the correct answers to all the questions asked in the NEET exam. It helps candidates evaluate their performance and estimate their scores. The answer key is typically released in two stages: provisional and final.


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How to Check the NEET 2024 Answer Key by NTA

  1. Visit the official NEET 2024 website. You can access it through either of the following URLs: or
  2. Look for the specific section or tab dedicated to OMR sheet and answer key download. This may be labeled as “Answer Key” or “OMR Sheet & Answer Key.”
  3. Click on the designated tab or link to proceed to the download section.
  4. Once you’re on the download page, locate the relevant link for the NEET 2024 answer keys and OMR response sheets.
  5. Click on the provided link to initiate the download process. Ensure that you download both the answer key and OMR response sheets for comprehensive evaluation.
  6. After downloading the PDF files, carefully review your responses against the correct answer options provided in the answer key.
  7. Cross-check each question’s response in your OMR sheet with the official answer key to accurately gauge your performance.
  8. Stay informed about any updates or announcements regarding the NEET 2024 answer key and OMR sheet by regularly visiting the official NEET website or this page for the latest notifications.


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Challenging the Answer Key:

Aspect Details
Fee Nominal fee of INR 200 per question for challenging the answer key.
Submission Challenges can be submitted online within a specified timeframe.
Process NTA reviews challenges and releases the final answer key based on their evaluation.
Final Decision Final answer key is definitive and serves as the basis for calculating candidates’ scores.


Calculating NEET 2024 Scores:

Step Details
Comparison Compare your responses with the official answer key.
Scoring Award four marks for each correct answer and deduct one mark for each incorrect answer.
Calculation Add up your scores to estimate your total marks.


NEET 2024 Official Websites

Candidates will have to visit the official website of NEET 2024 to stay updated about the answer key of NEET 2024. The website URLs are given below:




How to challenge the NTA NEET OMR sheet?

Challenging the NTA NEET OMR sheet involves a structured process to ensure that candidates can dispute any discrepancies they find in their recorded responses. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to challenge the NEET 2024 OMR sheet:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of NTA NEET, which is
  2. Login: Log in using your NEET 2024 application number and password, or your date of birth.
  3. Access OMR Challenge: Once logged in, locate and click on the option labeled “OMR Challenge.”
  4. View Questions: You’ll be presented with the questions from the NEET 2024 exam in sequential order. Review each question carefully.
  5. Select Questions to Challenge: Identify the questions for which you wish to challenge the recorded response. Click on those questions to select them for challenge.
  6. Choose Candidate’s Claim: For each selected question, you’ll see three options under the column labeled ‘Candidate’s Claim.’ Choose the option that corresponds to your dispute regarding the recorded response.
  7. Submit Challenges: After making your selections, scroll down the page. You’ll find a ‘Submit’ button. Click on it to move to the next screen.
  8. Review Challenges: A screen will display all the challenges you’ve submitted. Review them to ensure accuracy.
  9. Pay Fee: Click on ‘Submit and Pay Fee Finally.’ You’ll be prompted to select the mode of payment for the processing fee. The fee is INR 200 for each question or grade challenged.
  10. Make Payment: Choose your preferred mode of payment – Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, or Paytm. Complete the payment process.
  11. Download Receipt: After successful payment, download or print the Answer Key challenge receipt for your records.

By following these steps diligently, you can effectively challenge any discrepancies you find in your NEET 2024 OMR sheet. Ensure that you review your challenges carefully before submission, as the fee is non-refundable.


When will NEET 2024 Final Answer Key Release?

NEET 2024 final answer key will be released around June 14, 2024, along with the result. Last year, the NEET final answer keys were released a couple of days after the declaration of the result.


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Are the NEET Answer Key Fees Refundable?

No, the NEET answer key or OMR sheet challenge fees are not refundable even if the challenges are valid.



How to Submit Challenges Against NEET 2024 Answer Keys

To challenge the NEET 2024 provisional answer keys, candidates need to follow a structured process provided by the conducting authority. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to submit challenges against the NEET 2024 answer keys:

  1. Visit Official Website: Start by visiting the official website dedicated to NEET 2024.
  2. Access Answer Key Challenge: Look for the option labeled “Apply for Answer Key Challenge(s)” and click on it.
  3. Select Test Booklet Code: Choose the appropriate Test Booklet Code from the options provided.
  4. Login: Enter your NEET 2024 Application Number and Date of Birth. Additionally, input the Security Pin as displayed on the screen. After entering the required details, submit them.
  5. View Questions: The questions will be displayed sequentially on the screen. Pay careful attention to each question.
  6. Check Correct Option: Note that the number next to the Question under the column ‘Correct Option’ represents the most appropriate Answer Key according to the NTA.
  7. Choose Options to Challenge: If you disagree with the provided correct option, you can challenge it by selecting one or more options from the next four columns. Click the checkbox corresponding to your chosen option(s).
  8. Upload Supporting Documents (if applicable): If you have supporting documents to substantiate your challenge, you can upload them by selecting ‘Choose File’ and uploading all relevant documents in a single PDF file.
  9. Save Your Claim: After selecting your desired option(s) for challenge, save your claim. Ensure that you’ve reviewed and confirmed your selections before proceeding.
  10. Pay Fee: Click on ‘Save your Claim and Pay Fee Finally.’ A processing fee of INR 200 is applicable for each challenge. Choose your preferred payment method among Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, or UPI/Paytm, and complete the payment process.
  11. Save Receipt: After successful payment, save and print the NEET 2024 Answer Key Challenge receipt for your records.

It’s crucial to follow these steps accurately and provide any necessary supporting documents to ensure that your challenges are considered by the authority. Take your time to review your challenges before submission, as the fee is non-refundable.




Difference Between Provisional and Final NEET Answer Key:-

Provisional vs. Final Answer Key:

Aspect Provisional Answer Key Final Answer Key
Release Shortly after the exam After considering challenges from candidates
Purpose Allows candidates to challenge discrepancies Forms the basis for calculating final scores
Changes Subject to modifications based on candidate challenges Final and definitive, no further changes
Challenge Procedure Candidates can raise objections online within a specified time window No further opportunity for challenging

The provisional and final NEET answer keys serve different purposes in the examination process:

  1. Provisional NEET Answer Key:
    • Released by NTA approximately a month after the exam.
    • Subject to change if proven incorrect.
    • Candidates can challenge one or more questions or answer keys by paying a fee of INR 200 per question.
    • Candidates can also challenge their OMR sheets during this period.
    • After reviewing challenges, NTA releases the final answer keys.
  2. Final NEET Answer Key:
    • Forms the basis for computing NEET results.
    • Absolute and not subject to further changes or challenges.
    • Released after NTA reviews and resolves all challenges against the provisional answer keys.
    • Available on the official websites of NEET and NTA for public viewing.
    • Provides the definitive answers to the questions asked in the exam.

While provisional answer keys allow candidates to raise objections and challenge discrepancies, final answer keys are authoritative and used for calculating candidates’ scores. The final answer keys provide clarity on correct answers and conclude the assessment process for the NEET exam.




NEET 2024 Exam Pattern

The details of the NEET 2025 exam pattern are in the table below.




Mode of the examination


Duration of the examination

Three hours and Twenty Minutes (3.20 hours)


Exam timing

2 pm to 5.20 pm

Type of questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


Total number of Questions

200 (180 applicable questions for attempt)

Total Marks



Negative marking


Marking Scheme

+4 for each correct answer


-1 for each incorrect answer

0 for unattempted or extra attempted question

Total sections in the question paper

3 (Two sections for each subject)


Section A – 35 questions

Section B- 15 questions (10 to be attempted)

NEET Subjects

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany + Zoology)


NEET Question Paper Mediums or Languages

13 – English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam


NEET 2024 Exam Structure

The following table indicates the sections of the NEET exam pattern, NEET subject list, NEET subject-wise weightage, and the marks distribution.

Sections Number of Questions Total Marks
Physics Section A 35 140
Physics Section B 15 40
Chemistry Section A 35 140
Chemistry Section B 15 40
Botany Section A 35 140
Botany Section B 15 40
Zoology Section A 35 140
Zoology Section B 15 40


NEET 2024 OMR Sheet: Payment Details for Challenging

The following table brings information regarding the NEET 2024 OMR sheet challenge fees.

Particulars Details
Amount to be paid for each question INR 200
Mode of payment Internet Banking, Debit or Credit Card, Paytm
Refund Non-refundable




NEET 2024 Marking Scheme In Case Challenges Are Valid

In the event that the NTA’s expert committee deems any challenges or objections valid after their review, marks will be awarded to all candidates affected by the changes. However, candidates will not receive individual notifications regarding whether their challenges have been accepted or rejected. If any discrepancies or anomalies are identified during the challenge verification process, the NTA will address them according to the following guidelines:

(i) Correct Answer or Most Appropriate Answer: Candidates will receive four marks (+4) for each correct answer.

(ii) Incorrect Option Marked: Any incorrectly marked option will result in a deduction of one mark (-1).

(iii) Unanswered Questions: No marks (0) will be awarded for unanswered questions.


(iv) Multiple Correct Options: If more than one option is determined to be correct, candidates who have marked any of the correct options will receive four marks (+4).

(v) All Options Correct: If all options for a question are found to be correct, all candidates who attempted the question will receive four marks (+4).

(vi) No Correct Options or Question Dropped: If none of the options is deemed correct, or if a question is found to be wrong or dropped, all candidates who appeared for the exam will receive four marks (+4), regardless of whether they attempted the question.

(vii) Consider Constants: Candidates are advised to incorporate any constants provided in the questions when performing calculations.


It’s essential for candidates to adhere to these guidelines and consider any constants provided in the questions during their score calculations. The NTA will ensure fairness and transparency in addressing any discrepancies identified during the challenge verification process.





Information Required to Download NEET 2024 Answer Key

Candidates will have to enter the following information to log in to the NEET 2024 website.

  • NEET 2024 Application Number
  • NEET 2024 Password


  • Date of Birth of Candidates

NEET 2024 Marking Scheme

The table below brings the marking scheme of NEET 2024.



Marks Allotted

Correct Answer


Incorrect Answer





Multiple Answers





How to Calculate NEET 2024 Marks Through Answer Keys?

Calculating your NEET 2024 marks using the official answer key provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you estimate your scores accurately:

  1. Compare Responses: Begin by comparing each of your responses to the corresponding answers provided in the official NEET 2024 answer key. Ensure that you match each question with its correct answer.
  2. Award Marks for Correct Answers: For every question that you answered correctly, award yourself four marks. This is the standard marking scheme for NEET exams.
  3. Deduct Marks for Incorrect Answers: Similarly, for each question you answered incorrectly, deduct one mark. NEET follows a negative marking system where one mark is deducted for every wrong answer.
  4. Use the Formula: Alternatively, you can use the provided formula to calculate your NEET score:NEET Score = (Total number of correct answers x 4) – (Total number of incorrect answers)Simply plug in the total number of correct and incorrect answers into the formula to derive your estimated NEET score.

By following these steps meticulously, you can arrive at a fairly accurate estimation of your NEET 2024 scores. Remember that this is just an estimation and the actual scores may vary slightly depending on the final evaluation process carried out by NTA.



In conclusion, the NEET 2024 answer key plays a crucial role in the post-exam phase, enabling candidates to assess their performance and plan their next steps. It is essential for candidates to stay updated on the release of the answer key and other important notifications through the official NEET website.


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