Manchester City Makes History: Wins Fourth Consecutive Premier League Title with Dominant 3-1 Victory Over West Ham

Manchester City Makes History: Wins Fourth Consecutive Premier League Title with Dominant 3-1 Victory Over West Ham

The 38th (final) round of the Premier League was held on the 19th, with Manchester City facing off against West Ham. Manchester City became the first in Premier League history to win four consecutive Premier League titles in a row. Manchester City, who have won eight consecutive league matches and are showing overwhelming strength in the final.

Manchester City has recorded 27 wins, 7 draws, and 3 losses in the 37 league games they have played so far and is in the lead with 88 points. They are two points behind Arsenal, who are in second place, and if they win this match, they will secure an unprecedented fourth straight victory regardless of the results at other venues. Meanwhile, they will be facing 9th-place West Ham at their home base, Etihad Stadium. In this highly anticipated match, manager Josep Guardiola, who leads the team, selected key players such as Norway’s forward Erling Haaland and England’s midfielder Phil Foden as starters.

Manchester City scored in the early 2nd minute of the match. Kyle Walker stole the ball inside the opponent’s half, spread it to Bernardo Silva who was waiting on the right side, and sent a horizontal pass to Foden in front of the box, who then made a powerful move with his left foot. The powerful shot went into the goal mouth, giving Manchester City the lead.


Manchester City were gaining momentum, and in the 15th minute, Jeremy Doku received the ball on the right side and fired with his right foot from his favourite cut-in. In the 16th minute, Doku received a cross from Rodri, dribbled through the right flank and fired another shot, but both attempts were saved by West Ham goalkeeper Alphonse Areola.

Immediately after that, in the 18th minute, Manchester City connected from the last line and moved forward, with Haaland sending a pass to Doc, who was free on the left. He dribbled and returned to the centre, where Foden ran up into the penalty area and took a direct shot. He brilliantly hit the net and scored a valuable additional point.

On the other hand, West Ham won a corner kick on the left in the 42nd minute, and kicker James Ward-Prowse delivered a cross to the far side. Mohamed Kudus made an artistic overhead on a floating ball that resulted from a melee, cutting the lead to one point.

Meanwhile, Manchester City scored a big goal in the 59th minute. In possession, they forced their opponents into the box, and B. Silva received a pass from Kevin De Bruyne, who connected it to Rodri who was poised near the penalty arc. Grander’s one-touch shot deflected off the goalkeeper’s hand and went into the goal. Manchester City increased their lead to two points again.


In the 87th minute, Tomasz Soucek found the back of the net from a West Ham corner kick, but the goal was ruled a handball. In the end, the match ended 3-1. Manchester City became the first team in history to win four consecutive Premier League titles.



Manchester City 3-1 West Ham



Score during match

  • 1-0 2 minutes Phil Foden ( Manchester City )
  • 2-0 18 minutes Phil Foden ( Manchester City )
  • 2-1 42 minutes Mohamed Kudus ( West Ham )
  • 3-1 59 minutes Rodri ( Manchester City )


All-Winners of the Premier League

The Premier League, often referred to as the English Premier League (EPL), is the top tier of professional football in England. It was started in 1992. It replaced the First Division of the Football League as the highest level of English football. EPL contains 20 teams that compete annually, with each team playing 38 matches (19 home and 19 away).

The Premier League is played every year. This year, Manchester City won the Premier League 2024 for the fourth time in a row. They make history. Here is the list of all winners of the Premier League, since 1992.

  • 1992-93: Manchester United
  • 1993-94: Manchester United
  • 1994-95: Blackburn Rovers
  • 1995-96: Manchester United
  • 1996-97: Manchester United
  • 1997-98: Arsenal
  • 1998-99: Manchester United
  • 1999-2000: Manchester United
  • 2000-01: Manchester United
  • 2001-02: Arsenal
  • 2002-03: Manchester United
  • 2003-04: Arsenal
  • 2004-05: Chelsea
  • 2005-06: Chelsea
  • 2006-07: Manchester United
  • 2007-08: Manchester United
  • 2008-09: Manchester United
  • 2009-10: Chelsea
  • 2010-11: Manchester United
  • 2011-12: Manchester City
  • 2012-13: Manchester United
  • 2013-14: Manchester City
  • 2014-15: Chelsea
  • 2015-16: Leicester City
  • 2016-17: Chelsea
  • 2017-18: Manchester City
  • 2018-19: Manchester City
  • 2019-20: Liverpool
  • 2020-21: Manchester City
  • 2021-22: Manchester City
  • 2022-23: Manchester City
  • 2023-24: Manchester City

The Premier League is a world-famous championship. It is broadcast globally in over 200 countries and reaches an audience of more than 4 billion people. It is the wealthiest football league in the world in terms of revenue. It generates billions of pounds annually. The winner of the Premier League is also high. In 2023, the new revenue is £713 Million for Manchester City, winner of Premier League Champion. In the same year, they also made record-breaking revenues. This news is announced by Premier League champions Manchester City Football Club themself. Now, Manchester City made history by winning four matches in a row. So, the revenue will also be high, more than last year.



Premier League Teams 2024:

As said, it is featured with the 20 teams. Here is the list of all teams in the Premier League-

  1. Arsenal
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Bournemouth
  4. Brentford
  5. Brighton & Hove Albion
  6. Burnley
  7. Chelsea
  8. Crystal Palace
  9. Everton
  10. Fulham
  11. Liverpool
  12. Luton Town
  13. Manchester City
  14. Manchester United
  15. Newcastle United
  16. Nottingham Forest
  17. Sheffield United
  18. Tottenham Hotspur
  19. West Ham United
  20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Among all, the most successful and famous clubs in the Premier League include Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City. The Premier League’s influence is more than just football in the world, it also contributes significantly to the economy and culture of the UK. It supports numerous jobs, promotes tourism, and inspires millions of fans worldwide. 



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