Kolhapur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

Kolhapur, located in Maharashtra, is a significant Lok Sabha constituency known for its historical and cultural heritage. The constituency has a diverse electorate and plays a crucial role in Maharashtra’s political landscape.

Historical Context and Previous Elections

Kolhapur has been a stronghold for various political parties over the years, including the Congress, NCP, and BJP. In the 2019 elections, Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik of the Shiv Sena won with a considerable margin, securing 675,992 votes.

2019 Election Results:

Candidate Party Votes Vote Share (%)
Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik Shiv Sena 675,992 55.12
Dhananjay Mahadik NCP 480,756 39.20
Other Candidates Various 69,252 5.68

2024 Election: Key Candidates and Voter Turnout

The 2024 elections saw key contenders such as Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik (Shiv Sena), Dhananjay Mahadik (NCP), and others. The election was conducted on May 7th, 2024, with a voter turnout of 65.40 percent.


2024 Candidates:

  • Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik (Shiv Sena)
  • Dhananjay Mahadik (NCP)
  • Other Independent and Regional Candidates

2024 Election Results:

Candidate Party Votes Vote Share (%)
Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik Shiv Sena 690,123 57.10
Dhananjay Mahadik NCP 479,050 39.60
Other Candidates Various 40,800 3.30

Analysis and Voter Turnout

Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik retained his seat with an increased vote share, while Dhananjay Mahadik saw a slight reduction. The voter turnout of 65.40 percent indicates robust participation.

Assembly Segment Voter Turnout (%)
Karvir 66.00
Kolhapur North 64.80
Kolhapur South 65.20
Radhanagari 66.50
Chandgad 64.10
Kagal 65.30

Key Issues and Campaigns

The 2024 elections in Kolhapur focused on:

  1. Agriculture: Promises to enhance agricultural productivity and support farmers.
  2. Infrastructure: Developing roads, bridges, and public transportation.
  3. Education: Upgrading educational facilities and institutions.
  4. Healthcare: Improving healthcare services and accessibility.

Candidates campaigned extensively through rallies, door-to-door visits, and social media, addressing key local issues and voter concerns.


The Kolhapur Lok Sabha election 2024 solidified Sanjay Sadashivrao Mandlik’s position as a preferred leader. The increased voter turnout and his decisive victory reflect the electorate’s confidence in his leadership and vision for development.

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