Top 10 Famous Indian Cricketers of All Time


India is one of the best cricket teams in the world and in all formats and all the credit goes to the quality of players that we have got. Today in this article we’ll discuss Top 10 Indian cricketers in the world. India has had World class cricketers with them since the beginning . They are famous for their superb skills and commanding field presence that every cricket fan will absolutely love.


1. Virat Kohli

When it comes to cricket, Virat Kohli is the undisputed King. On social media, he boasts a sizable fan base. After competing for his country at the Under-19 World Cup, Virat has gained attention. In the early 2008 Under-19 World Cup series in Kuala Lumpur, he led the Indian squad with flawless abilities and dedication, bringing honour to the country. His rise to fame did not happen suddenly; he had to work very hard and prepare himself against all obstacles in order to realise his dream.



2. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin is the god of cricket , the legend that will never die. He may have been the most successful batsman in the history of national and international cricket, but he was also the most modest, disciplined, and uncontroversial player. On the main social media networks, he has an estimated 107 million fans and followers. His fan base numbers on the major social media networks include 33 million Instagram followers, 37 million Facebook fans, and 36.9 million Twitter followers. The record holder for hundreds of tests and One-Day Internationals is Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster. Even in one-day cricket, he scored the first double-century. Sachin became the first cricket player to achieve 100 international hundreds in 2012.

3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is ranked number three among the greatest Indian cricket players. His irrational supporters dubbed him Captain Cool because of his excellent leadership abilities and composed demeanour throughout the most difficult games. Dhoni is a superb wicketkeeper in addition to being a right-handed middle-order batter. His iconic helicopter shot at the batting shop has made him extremely well-known. After 28 years, he is the second Indian captain to win the most coveted World Cup trophy for his country.



4. Rohit Sharma


Ranked fourth among the greatest Indian cricketers of all time is none other than Rohit Sharma, the country’s current captain in all formats. From the IPL series, he is affectionately referred to as Hitman. With a century in each of the three forms, he is an exceptional right-handed batsman from India. Having made three ODI double hundreds, Rohit is the first player to do so. All of the major social media networks have an insane fan base for him. He has 22.7 million Instagram followers, 20 million Facebook fans, and 20.1 million Twitter followers, according to certain statistics.

5. Kapil Dev

 Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj is one of the top all-arounders in international cricket. The 1983 World Cup trophy, which is highly regarded in India, was won by him as the inaugural Indian captain. During his whole cricket career, Kapil received numerous honours and prizes. Indian Cricketer of the Century by Wisden, he was the first Indian cricket player to receive the title. As the first cricket player to take 400 wickets and score 5,000 runs in Test matches, he was bestowed with this accolade. Foremost among these are Kapil’s right-arm fast bowling abilities and aggressive lower-middle order batting style.



6. Sunil Gavaskar

In the early 1970s, Sunil Gavaskar, also known as the “little master,” dazzled the crowd with his superb batting abilities. Ranking sixth among the top ten well-known Indian cricket players is Sunil Manohar Gavaskar. He was his generation’s daring batter. Without a helmet, he ventured to bat against West Indian pacers and escaped unscathed. He is still renowned for his exquisite opening play and defending.


7. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of the most accomplished and trained test cricketers in the world. One of the greatest batsmen of all time, Rahul Dravid fulfilled a crucial duty for batsmen, protecting the stars and stroke creators from the new ball. His outstanding batting and defence abilities earned him the nickname “the Wall.” A number of illustrious and distinguished benchmarks honour his whole cricket career. Several accomplishments include reaching hundreds and even double hundreds in games, being the best slip catcher, and amassing more than 10,000 runs in 50 overs of cricket.



8. Virendra Sehwag

Virender Sehwag has had an incredible career in cricket thanks to his skill and the long boundaries. Throughout his whole career, he operated with little footwork and all intent. His followers and admirers frequently refer to him as “Viru.” Sehwag batted with ease and scored the most runs by employing a straightforward strategy. Hitting the ball at the sight approach was the strategy. He is one of the two greatest cricket players to have scored a triple hundred in a Test match and a double hundred in an ODI thanks to his commitment and tenacity.


9. Yuvraj Singh 

Yuvraj is one of the greatest cricketers in the history of international cricket. He performed admirably in the 2011 World Cup despite having serious health problems. His flawless all-around abilities and competitive spirit have won him a devoted following. After overcoming cancer, he made a remarkable recovery. His loyal followers and admirers commonly refer to him as Yuvi. Throughout his career, he received many prestigious prizes. Several of them smashed six sixes in one over during the 2007 T20 encounter against England, and they were named Man of the encounter for the 2011 World Cup.



10. Anil Kumble


Anil Kumble is one of the most loved Indian cricketers of all time. He is the third-highest wicket-taker of all time and a right-arm spin bowler with 619 wickets in Test cricket. In 1993, he was considered the Indian cricket team’s player of the year, having received numerous honours and accolades. In a memorable Test match against Pakistan, Kumble removed all ten batters. He goes by the nickname “Jumbo” among his devoted followers and admirers.



So these were the Top 10 Indian Cricketers.

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