Iconic Fashion Moments in History: Dress to Impress

Iconic Fashion Moments in History

All big designers – from Coco Chanel to Christian Dior and from Ralph Lauren to Balelnciaga – didn’t just wake up and become who they are. All of them had to do something iconic and out-of-the-box to establish themselves in the fashion industry. The reason for their rise to fame is the hard work they put in to create some groundbreaking designs that changed the face of fashion forever. In this article, we will be talking about some iconic fashion moments in history. 

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1. Paul Poiret and the rise of editorial fashion:

“New Look” by Christian Dior

Poiret emerged as a designer in France during the years before the First World War and used to dress the Parisian upper class. He removed the idea of fashion being associated with just clothes; for him, fashion was like art. Instead of focusing on the existing corset-style dresses, he created looser and more free designs for women to feel comfortable in. Some of his creations include the “harem” pantaloons, “lampshade” tunics and hobble skirts. His details were so intricate and complex that women dreamed of being dressed in one of his designs. 


2. Introduction of LBD by Coco Chanel:

Introduction of LBD by Coco Chanel


The LBD or Little Black Dress has undoubtedly revolutionised the fashion industry. Coco Chanel created the very first little black dress in 1926 which was first unveiled in American Vogue. Earlier, a lot of importance was given to the design of the garment. What Chanel did was focus on the fit and cut of the garment to make it look more flattering on one’s body. The little black dress became a symbol of versatility; one could dress it up for a dinner date or dress it down for an evening brunch. Coco Chanel created something so simple yet so unique that won hearts all around the world. 


3. “New Look” by Christian Dior:

“New Look” by Christian Dior

The impact Christian Dior created with his debut collection “New Look” is something that can never be done again. This catalogue brought some completely new and different designs into the world of feminine fashion. At the time of World War 2 when fashion was restricted due to meagre resources confined to uniforms and military clothes, Dior created some extravagant looks that nobody was expecting. With their notched collars, cinched waists and “Bar” suits, Dior changed the fashion game forever. 


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4. Blurring the lines of gender in fashion by YSL: 

In 1966, while people were still obsessed over Mary Quant’s ‘miniskirt’, Yves Saint Laurent created something that nobody could see coming. If you are thinking about a tuxedo, then you are right! YSL made the first ever tuxedo for women which was revealed in their collection ‘Le Smoking’. But it doesn’t end there. Saint Laurent created many other inherently masculine pieces like the trench coat, the safari jacket, and the pea coat. Their feminisation of the pantsuit in 1967 is considered one of the most iconic and revolutionary ideas in the fashion industry. 



5. First black model on the cover of American Vogue:

This was easily one of the biggest moments for black women working in the fashion industry. After eight long decades, Beverly Johnson became the first black woman to be on the cover of Vogue, the most prominent fashion magazine in the world, in 1974. Johnson had faced a lot of rejection in her life and just like every other model, her dream was to be on the cover of Vogue. This set the tone for inclusivity in fashion for magazines not just in America, but in the whole world. 


6. The first time jeans were shown on the runway:

Calvin Klein did what was near to impossible. Jeans were already being worn by people and were made popular by the 80s company Rag City Blues, but only Calvin Klein had the genius to bring jeans onto a runway. In 1967, Klein came to be known as one of the first prominent designers working with denim due to the immense popularity gathered by their denim. 



7. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

The movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ had an iconic impact on the fashion of that time. Audrey Hepburn wore many extravagant outfits, but what stuck with the audience was the black Givenchy gown decorated with pearls and some opera-style black gloves. It was simple, luxurious and all things fancy. People look back at this outfit and take inspiration from it even now. 


8. Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’:

We all know Marilyn Monroe, and how can we not, since that woman was a living legend. She had no idea that a little smile on her face and the breeze in her dress would make her the icon that she is. The still taken from her movie ‘The Seven Year Stitch’ became a global sensation and got her worldwide recognition. In all her movies after that, Monroe was dressed in some of the most extravagant pieces. 



9. The Revenge Dress by Princess Diana:

Princess Diana was a part of British Royalty and trust me, she dressed just like it! Her fashion taste was not confined to wearing elaborate clothing pieces; she wore clothes that truly represented her aura and personality. When the adultery committed by her then-husband was revealed, Diana decided to step out in her classiest most revealing black dress to show that she can fight back when needed. 


10. Diana Ross in a crystal bodysuit:

Diana Ross rocked the world by wearing a crystal bodysuit on the cover of her album ‘Everything is Everything’. She made a statement by wearing such a bold piece and empowered women all around the world to dress the way they wished. 



The world of fashion has seen some of the most iconic moments and these are just ten of them. I hope this article inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone and dress extra!

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