Hindupur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results

Hindupur, nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Andhra Pradesh, is a constituency of great historical and cultural significance. The Lok Sabha Election in 2024 brought forth pivotal developments and shifts in the political dynamics of this dynamic region.

Historical Context and Socio-Political Landscape

Hindupur boasts a rich socio-political heritage shaped by its historical legacy and contemporary challenges. The constituency has been a melting pot of diverse communities and political ideologies, contributing to its vibrant political landscape.

Hindupur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results Table

Candidate Party Votes Received
Candidate 1 Party A XXXXX
Candidate 2 Party B XXXXX
Candidate 3 Party C XXXXX
Others/Independent XXXXX

Electoral History and Past Performance

Hindupur has witnessed intense electoral battles in the past, with political parties vying for supremacy in the region. The constituency’s electoral history is marked by significant fluctuations, reflecting the ever-evolving preferences of the electorate.

2024 Candidates and Voter Turnout

In the 2024 Lok Sabha Election, Hindupur saw a diverse array of candidates representing major political parties as well as independent contenders. The voter turnout underscored the electorate’s active participation in the democratic process.


2019 Candidates and Results

The previous Lok Sabha Election held in 2019 witnessed a keenly contested battle for supremacy in Hindupur. The electoral outcome had far-reaching implications for the socio-political landscape of the constituency.

Election Verdict and Analysis

The verdict of the 2024 Lok Sabha Election in Hindupur reflects the aspirations and preferences of the electorate. An analysis of the results provides valuable insights into the prevailing socio-political dynamics and the future trajectory of the constituency.



As Hindupur embarks on a new chapter in its political journey post the 2024 Lok Sabha Election, it stands at a critical juncture in its evolution. The electoral outcome sets the stage for new opportunities and challenges, shaping the destiny of the constituency and its people.

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