Hawa Mahal – Palace of Wind | Entry fee, Timing, History, How to Reach & Explore Nearby Places

hawa mahal

Explore the stunning Hawa Mahal, a blend of history, culture, and architectural brilliance in Jaipur, offering a glimpse into the royal past and Rajasthan’s vibrant heritage. Hawa Mahal among the Most Popular Places To Visit in Jaipur. This article will provide insight into this culturally rich palace and Rajasthan’s vibrant heritage. Let’s start.”


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Historical Significance of Hawa Mahal

When you heard the name Hawa Mahal you must be thinking that it must be a place where royal members stay for vacation or catch some breath in the hot weather of Rajasthan. But you are wrong; the real motive was to build this place to facilitate royal ladies or queens to see the outer world of the palace. The Pardha custom, one of the oldest customs of India, and in those days this custom was rigidly followed by females and even royal females were not exempted from this custom. So Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the grandson of the Founder of Jaipur, ordered Lal Chand Ustad to construct the palace that facilitates royal ladies to view life outside the palace and it was completed in the year 1799. You can say it was Instagram for that time. The palace faces the busy market, giving the royal ladies a great view of all the daily activities. They can watch the lively market with its colorful goods, busy merchants, and festive events.


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Hawa Mahal Architectural Marvel

The Mahal is a five-story building decorated with 953 windows in a honeycomb shape. These windows work as an air conditioner due to the Venturi effect, which lowers the palace’s temperature and makes it more comfortable during summers. This phenomenon gave it the name Hawa Mahal. Surprisingly, the top three stories have the width of one room, and the first and second floors have balconies. The red sandstone used in building Hawa Mahal turns pink when exposed to sunlight, perfectly justifying Jaipur’s name, the Pink City.



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Cultural and Social Impact of Hawa Mahal

This palace holds cultural and social importance as well. This can be understood by the construction of the building as it is formed in the shape of Lord Krishna’s Crown because Sawai Pratap Singh was a devotee of Lord Krishna. In addition to this, Maharaja allocated a dedicated place for Krishna Ji’s worship. The five-story structure has its own names such as Vichitra Mandir, Prakash Mandir, Hawa Mandir, Pratap Mandir, and Ratan Mandir. At Vichitra Mandir, Maharaja worshiped his lord. This building is a perfect example of Rajput and Mughal architectural style. Patterns such as domed canopies, lotus flowers, and fluted pillars depict the Rajput architecture and Mughal architecture can be seen in the form of stone inlay filigree work and arches. Additionally, these windows have motifs painted in white Limewashlimewash.

Visitor Information for Hawa Mahal

If this article has convinced you to visit this marvelous building, you’ve made the right choice. Here are some important facts to make your visit a success. Visitors can visit the palace from 9 am to 4:30 pm every day, but the best time to visit is early morning when the sun rays reflect beautifully on the palace. Indian visitors pay 10 rupees per person, and foreign visitors pay 50 rupees per head. However, the palace does not have proper facilities for people in wheelchairs. On Friday and Saturday, the museum is closed to the public.

How to Reach Hawa Mahal

After reaching Jaipur it is convenient to reach Hawa Mahal. Its location makes it popular among visitors, as it lies near the City Palace complex and Badi Chaupad, well-connected areas of Jaipur. If you are travelling by air, the distance between the palace and the airport is approximately 12 km, and coming Jaipur by rail not to worry the railway station is just 4 km away.

Nearby Highlights to Explore: Hawa Mahal 

Your visit just not ended by visiting cultural heritage but is just beginning of your trip. There are many things to do near Hawa Mahal which make happy to everyone. Jantar Mantar (700 m), Govind Dev ji Temple (750 m), City Palace (850 m), Jaipur Zoo (2km),  Johari Bazaar (900 m), Bapu Bazaar (1.4 kms).



If you’ve reached this part of the article, it means you found the information interesting. So, don’t just enjoy this architectural marvel by reading—go and experience it firsthand. Plan your next trip with friends, family, or even solo. Hawa Mahal offers a real experience of what royal families enjoyed in their time, taking you back to that era. 

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