Hardik Pandya Divorce Rumors: Will He Lose 70% Property to Natasa Stankovic?

Hardik Pandya Divorce Rumors: Will He Lose 70% Property to Natasa Stankovic?

Rumors about Hardik Pandya’s personal life have been swirling on social media, suggesting possible marital issues with Natasa Stankovic and speculating a significant property loss due to a potential divorce. These speculations have sparked a wave of reactions from netizens, many of whom urge for official confirmation before believing the claims.


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Rumors and Speculations: Hardik Pandya’s Marital Struggles


Social Media Buzz The speculation started when observant netizens noticed changes in Natasa Stankovic’s social media profiles. Specifically, she removed “Pandya” from her Instagram handle, reverting to Natasa Stankovic. Additionally, the couple hasn’t shared photos of each other recently, and Hardik did not post a birthday message for Natasa on March 4, fueling the rumors further.

IPL 2024 Campaign and Personal Turmoil Hardik Pandya’s IPL 2024 campaign with Mumbai Indians was disappointing, with the team finishing at the bottom of the points table. Fans expressed their discontent, especially after Pandya took over the captaincy from Rohit Sharma. Amidst professional struggles, the rumors about his personal life added more pressure on the star cricketer.


Potential Divorce and Property Loss

Alimony Speculations The latest round of rumors suggests that Hardik Pandya could lose up to 70% of his assets due to alimony if a divorce proceeds. This speculation, however, remains unverified as neither Pandya nor Stankovic has confirmed the rumors.

The Couple’s Relationship Timeline Hardik Pandya proposed to Natasa Stankovic on a yacht on January 20, 2020. The couple welcomed their first child, Agastya, on July 30, 2020. They renewed their vows in a ceremony in Udaipur on Valentine’s Day last year. The lack of recent public appearances and social media interactions has led to increased speculation about their relationship status.

Netizens React to Divorce Rumors

Skepticism and Support Many social media users are skeptical about the rumors, pointing out that the initial speculation started from a Reddit post about Pandya’s inactivity on his wife’s social media posts. One user commented, “Unless there’s any confirmed information from either Hardik or Natasa, this news should be treated as fake.”

Empathy for Hardik Pandya Others expressed empathy for Pandya, highlighting the multiple pressures he faces, including family issues, franchise responsibilities, and the upcoming World Cup. A user noted, “I feel very bad for him. Family problems, franchise pressure, World Cup and all these trolls. And he still used to smile, he was trying to keep himself positive and we thought he was trying to be unique.”


Practical Advice Some users offered practical advice, suggesting Pandya should protect his assets. One user wrote, “Bro should transfer all his property to his mum right now.”


The rumors surrounding Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic’s potential divorce and the significant property loss remain unconfirmed. While social media continues to buzz with speculation, it is crucial to await official statements from the involved parties. Until then, these rumors should be taken with a grain of caution, emphasizing the importance of privacy and sensitivity in personal matters.

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