Top 10 Engaging Games for Kids’ Parties: Keep Them Smiling and Active

Top 10 Engaging Games for Kids' Parties: Keep Them Smiling and Active

Hosting a kids party where 20-30 young energetic kids are present under the same roof is not less than a nightmare. So to keep your kids engaged today in this article we’ll discuss Top 10 games for kid parties that will keep your kids happy and they’ll have a great time at that party. Games are the main source of entertainment and one of the most fun activities in any kid parties so make sure you make the right selection.


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1. Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel

Pass the parcel is one of the oldest and most fun games that is loved by both kids and elders alike. This is a game that is easy to understand and kids can easily play this by sitting at the same place. So all you have to do is make the kids sit in a circle and then get a ball or cushion. After the music, ask the kids to pass the ball or cushion in a circle and when  the music stops, the kid who has the parcel will have to perform a task.  This is the best game for a kids party.



2. Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck duck goose is another fun and famous game that we used to play when we were kids. This game is to be played either outside or in an open area. Moreover , duck duck goose requires some level of physical activity so be mindful of that. All you have to do is make the kids sit in a circle and then one kid will move around the circle with a handkerchief in his hand and when he drops the other kid will have to catch him or her. This is the perfect game for a kids party.



3. The Chocolate

The Chocolate

Chocolate is again a great game for kids. This game tests the responsiveness and speed of the kids and is a lot of fun to play. All you have to do is put a bar of chocolate on a table for every kid. And then each kid will get a chance to roll a dice and if they get six they should Start eating the chocolate with a fork and knife. Meanwhile other kids will be rolling the dice. Each kid will get a single chance until the whole circle completes.



4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Ohk This is another fun game for kids parties. In this game you have to make sure that the kid is blind fold. The. You must have a donkey caricature and a tail that needs to be pinned. Then all you have to do is blindfold the kids and ask him or her to pin the tail of the donkey on the right place. And continue this till all the kids have had their chance. 



5. Sleeping Lions

Ohk now this is a great game for the kid parties as it will definitely teach them self control and patience. In This game you’ll ask the kids or lie down like Statues and then an adult will move amongst them telling jokes and funny stories. The goal for the kids is to not laugh at any cost. The kids who laugh will be out of the game and this’ll continue till only one kid is remaining. 



6. Treasure Hunt

Well the game of treasure hunting is as old as human civilization. This game will provide overall fun to the kids at the party. Fir this game you’ll have to prepare a series of clues that the kids have to decode in order to get to the next clue and ultimately to the final prize item. This is a great game as it will give them the feel of adventure.



7. Scavenger Hunt

Another game related to hunting is the Scavenger hunt. But in this game you don’t have to hunt for the clues but a list of items. You’ll divide all the kids into different teams and will provide them with a list of items that each of them has to find. The team who finds all the items and brings them back to you becomes the winner.



8. Grandmother’s Footsteps

Have you watched Squid games and in that the red light green light game. Grandma’s footsteps is also a game like that. As a matter of fact for squid games this game was an inspiration. So what you have to do is ask all the kids to go to the far side of the room while you turn your back to them on the other side of the room. Then as the kids to come to you, and then suddenly turn back towards them if you find any kid moving he or she is out of the game.



9. Kim’s Game

So this is a game of kid parties that will check their memories. Get a collection of a few items and then show those items to kids for a minute or two. After that, hide all the items with a cloth and ask kids to make a list of the  items that they have seen quickly. The kid who remembers all the items and is the first one to submit becomes the winner.



10. Doughnut Challenge

Ohk now this is a fun one. Hand some doughnuts with a string in the air. Now ask the kids to move their hands at the back and now try to jump and eat doughnuts without hands. As this is the way they’ll understand how gravity works and plays with us. 

So these were the Top 10 games for the kid parties that they’ll surely enjoy.

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