Upgrade Your Style! 10 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know


As the famous saying goes, first impressions are truly the last impressions. And what does one see when they first see us? If you’re thinking about clothes, then you are right. Oftentimes, we girls will stand in front of our wardrobes and just stare with one question in our head “What should I wear today?” With this article today, I might just solve this problem for you to a certain extent. We will be discussing fashion hacks every girl should know and trust me, you will be a new person when this article ends! 

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1. The “outfit mindset”:

A lot of us make the mistake of going shopping and buying random pieces we like. As fun as it is, it is not helpful and we don’t even end up wearing most of the pieces we buy. Next time onwards, try picturing an outfit in your head and buy your clothing items accordingly. Not only does it prevent overspending but it also allows you to wear everything you’re buying as an outfit. Make sure to check if you will be able to style it in multiple ways and be sustainable! 

2. Hunt for Clothing Soulmates:

Soulmates are not just romantic. Trust me, when you find the right brands and sizes for your body type, height, age, and lifestyle, it truly feels like a match made in heaven. It is very important to know your proportions and what looks good on you – fabrics, designs, patterns, all of it. Once you figure that out, your clothes will feel automatically aligned with your personality, and what is better than your clothes reflecting your true self? 

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3. Use “girl math”:

For all of you who don’t know about girl math, I am here to explain it. In simple terms, it is about how women find and justify new ways of spending money hilariously. Sometimes our eyes land on a beautiful designer item, but the hesitance in buying always lingers. But think of it this way – if you buy a bag worth ₹2000 and skip your daily coffee worth ₹200 for 10 days, then the bag is free of cost! This is what girl math is all about; give yourself a treat and go get that designer bag you have been eyeing! 

4. Master the 70/30 rule:

The 70/30 rule is the only thing you need to create a simple, classy yet versatile and experimental wardrobe. Here’s the trick – 70 percent of the clothes you own should be basic yet elegant; things that you can wear almost every day and still look good. The rest 30 percent of your wardrobe should be trendier, more stylish pieces that change with the season. This way you don’t buy excessive clothes and stay stylish throughout the year. 

5. Top-Bottom Ratio:

The top-bottom ratio says that for every pair of bottoms you own, you should have at least four to six tops you can wear with it. The reason for that is that tops are a bigger part of your outfit. They attract more attention and make your outfit look new and fresh. If you use this method, you can switch it up every day by wearing different top-bottom combinations. This will save you money and also give you an endless stream of outfit options, a dream that every girl has. 

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6. Unexpected Colour Combos:

Just like a reader’s or writer’s block, we sometimes seem to get a fashion block. It seems like we have nothing to wear as we stand in front of an overflowing closet full of clothes. If you find yourself in a situation like this, try putting together two colours that you have never worn together. It might not work all the time, but you might just end up finding a new colour combination that looks good on you. Green and pink, blue and orange, yellow and purple, the possibilities are never-ending! 

7. Manage your proportions:

If you understand the role proportions play in an outfit, half your fashion problems are already solved. We need to make sure to create a contrasting effect when we put an outfit together, like pairing an oversized t-shirt with some shorts or wearing baggy parachute pants with a cropped tank top. Taking care of proportions makes clothes look more flattering on you and your outfit looks well put together. 

8. Find your perfect hemline:

The lower edge of dresses and skirts is known as a hemline. There is a thing known as the ‘golden ratio’; all women have a golden ratio when it comes to hemlines. Experiment and try on dresses and skirts of all lengths to find out which one flatters your body type the most. Once you figure that out, let it guide you the next time you shop for dresses or skirts. 


9. Make accessories your best friend:

Accessories are the easiest way to elevate an outfit. When you feel too lazy to put together something to wear, just wear a basic base outfit and add lots of cool jewels, some sunglasses, a classy bag and some funny shoes. Trust me, you will look so well put together with minimal effort. It is almost like a cheat code to fashion! 

10. Embrace the half tuck:

A simple tuck of your top in your pants can add so much dimension to your outfit. Just tuck one side or from the front, it will elevate your outfit instantly and give it some shape and structure. It also makes a basic outfit look stylish and makes you look like a true diva. 


I hope that by now you have gained enough tips and knowledge about fashion. But one more thing that is impossible to remember, is to always be yourself and dress the way you like!


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