Esports: Rise, Impact, and Opportunities in the World of Competitive Gaming


Esports which is also widely known as electronic games sports or video gaming tournaments. Basically it is a sport in which various teams compete against each other in tournaments to win cash prizes and recognition at national level. In terms of tournaments it is the same as traditional sports but played online. Teams can participate In the games of their choice.



Beginning of Esports


In recent years gaming as a casual Hobby went to Organised professional sport.

In upcoming Time esports is soon to be a 1 billion dollar industry and watched By millions of people online.

There are various media networks who broadcast esports Events such as ESPN,TBS, SyFy, and Telemundo. While in India there are also some esports companies like UPthrust Esports and GAME Fan technologies which Are providing players a better practising platform also Working with a motive to Empower Esports In India.

According to a study by venture capital firm Lumikai in India, the F28 Indian esports market is expected to scale upto 100 million dollars.

Some established sports leagues like NHL and NBA also added ownership stakes in esports teams.


Courage in Youth

Various colleges had begun forming esports clubs to play many video games in college tournaments and many thousands of college teams participate in collegiate esports competitions and by 2019 over 130 colleges have varsity esports programs.

In the U.S., UK and other European countries added varsity esports teams and scholarships for esports.


Esports tournaments

Esports competitions are getting fast fame other than any traditional competition.

Unlike traditional it is accessible to play with people around the world just with an internet Connection while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

And after adding millions of Prize pools players are so dedicated to winning.


Streaming and Audience

As like traditional sports people have too much love to watch esports and with the help of Streaming it’s much easier.

Some data shows websites like Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, received 15 million daily visitors with 335 billion minutes watching time.

A December 2023 survey had found that 22 percent of U.S. adults aged 18 to 29 years had spent 6 to 10 hours per week playing video games and  a total of 8 percent played video games more than 20 hours in an average week.


Career in Esports

The esports industry has grown with lightning speed in the past couple of years and there is no doubt it has a huge range of jobs in it. playing an esports tournament to organising the tournaments or competitions there are various jobs. According to the online gaming statistics there are approximately 3.24 billion online gamers present worldwide and as of march 2021, fortnite an online game has registered approximately 350 million player base.

In the 2019 “ Fortnite world cup” a teenager won prize pool of 3 million dollars but the thing is that there is around 40 million players had participated for the tournament.



Top Esports games in the world

On the basis of Viewers worldwide here is the list of top games in the world

1 League of legends – 44 million

2 Fortnite – 40 millions

3 Dota 2- 35 million

4  pubg – 2 million

5 Counter strike – 1.2 million


Top Esports teams in the world

1 Team vitality

2 Team liquid

3 Fnatic

4 Faze Clan

5 G2 Esports


Earning of Esport players

Earning as an Esport player is not much easy due to the competitions strength after all in some areas esports outclassing traditional sports in terms of audience.

games like PUBG and FORTNITE have immense audiences.

teams like the FaZe clan had won 1 million dollars for their fourth S-tier tournament while   team LIQUID had won 33.8 million dollars and so on many teams had won the prize pools.


Esports affecting the health of Youth

Although by the help of esport players can earn money and recognition, sitting at the same place for hours [10 to 12 hours ]affects their health very seriously, affecting their daily lifestyle and sleep habits. Also it can cause major health issues.

Also game addiction can cause visual health problems, sedentary behaviour and even metabolic concerns.

Spending excessive time playing video games can make players isolated from the outer world and limit their interpersonal skills.

A Recent study from Zwibel et al discovers that esport players are more likely to occur musculoskeletal injuries on the neck.

Also upcoming youth is taking their studies and academics more lightly to become the next esport star.


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