Dogs have ‘free entry’ in Taj Mahal Hotel: Strict instructions from Ratan Tata, ‘Embracing Everyone’

Dogs have 'free entry' in Taj Mahal Hotel: Strict instructions from Ratan Tata, ‘Embracing Everyone'


While visiting the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, an HR professional, Rubi Khan saw a dog sleeping peacefully at the entrance. She asked why a stray dog is sleeping in a five-star hotel’s Courtyard. She got a reply that filled her with joy and compassion. She shared her experience on social media, she said, “Ratan Tata sir has the perfect balance of Head and the heart.”



What is the story? 

Rubi Khan shared this heartwarming experience in her LinkedIn post that she noticed a dog lying down, sleeping with tranquillity at the entrance of the Hotel Taj, ‘seemingly carefree’. She was surprised to find a dog sleeping peacefully at the hotel’s entrance. Curiously she asked the hotel staff about the dog. She learned that the dog had been part of the hotel since birth. This simple encounter highlighted the compassionate values upheld by the hotel, thanks to Ratan Tata sir.

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Ratan Tata’s Compassionate Instructions

The hotel staff informed Rubi that Ratan Tata had given strict instructions to treat animals kindly if they entered the premises. Rubi was deeply moved by this revelation. She observed that the dog, seemingly carefree, had found a safe place, a shelter in the busy environment of the hotel. This showed how the Taj Mahal Hotel values every being within its walls, a reflection of Tata’s compassionate leadership.


A Lesson in True Business Values

Rubi shared how the incident highlighted a profound truth for her. She realized that in the midst of leading and driving business, the true soul of a business is reflected in how it treats others. The Taj Mahal Hotel exemplified principles like inclusion, psychological safety, and emotional intelligence. For Rubi, this was a fine balance of head and heart, being authentic, and not worrying about others’ opinions.



Praise for Ratan Tata

Rubi praised Ratan Tata, saying that being a successful entrepreneur should never stop anyone from respecting and embracing everyone. She emphasized the importance of believing in oneself and living that belief every day. The incident also reminded her of the debate on adopting versus buying pets. She concluded that it’s a personal choice and one should not be judged for it. Ultimately, it’s about doing what you believe in and contributing to the cause.


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Netizens and Ex-Employees React

Rubi’s post received a lot of attention. The Taj Hotel thanked her for sharing the story, saying that they value compassion and inclusion. Many netizens and ex-employees of Tata properties shared their own experiences. They noted that all Ratan Tata properties follow the same discipline. For example, at Bombay House, the headquarters of the Tata group, stray dogs and other stray animals move freely and are treated with respect and dignity.

One user praised Ratan Tata as an industrialist, philanthropist, leader, visionary, and an amazing human being. Another ex-employee of the Taj Hotels shared that it was heartwarming to see the values remain upstanding even after two decades. Another employee from Tata Motors recalled how the guards at Bombay House were always kind to stray animals, providing a friendly and helpful environment.




The story of the dog at the Taj Mahal Hotel is more than just a simple encounter. It reflects the compassionate values followed by Ratan Tata in his businesses. This incident has touched many hearts, showing that true leadership is not just about business success, but also about kindness and respect for all beings. The warm responses from netizens and ex-employees further highlight the deep impact of Tata’s values on everyone associated with his legacy.


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