Ideal Destinations for Digital Nomads: Work and Experience the World

Ideal Destinations for Digital Nomads

When we think of digital nomads, we think of people sitting by the beach with a laptop on their lap and a glass of fresh juice in their hands. This lifestyle only existed for a few people, but ever since COVID-19, being a digital nomad has become a common thing. The pandemic facilitated the popularisation of remote jobs. Since many of us couldn’t be physically present at our workplaces, doing work at a distance became our only option. The trend of distant or remote working has thus continued and is practised even now. You will be shocked to know that nearly 40 million people in the world are employed in some sort of remote work. 


As this practice has become prominent, governments all around the world are introducing policies and making efforts to attract digital nomads to work in their countries. More than 50 countries now offer a digital nomad visa. Many of you may be thinking, 50 is a big number. How does one figure out which country is better than others? Don’t worry, this article will help you find the perfect places to work as a digital nomad. But before we get into that, let’s talk about some important factors to consider before picking a workplace. 



  1. Before picking any place, you must ensure that it is safe or not, especially if you’re a woman. Learn about the crime rates of that place and how the police system works.
  2. If you are going to be working online, you will need good Wi-Fi that keeps you connected to your workplace throughout. Check about the Wi-Fi connectivity of the place you wish to settle in as a digital nomad. 
  3. Learn about the local community of digital nomads of a place before you decide to settle there. Having an existing community in a certain place makes it easier for you to settle down and ask for help whenever needed.
  4. Learn about the cost and standard of living in the place you wish to move to as a digital nomad. Only move to places where you will be able to live comfortably as per your financial condition. 
  5. Time zone is another important factor to consider if you wish to move places. be aware of the time zone your clients live in and move to a place that would suit both you and your clients. 
  6. You should also learn about the weather conditions of the place that you are thinking of moving to. This depends on your personal preference; if you like warm, sunny weather or cold winter days. 


Now that we have discussed some important factors, let’s talk about the top 7 destinations for digital nomads. 



1. Thailand:

We have all associated Thailand with being the perfect tourist destination. But the warm weather and the beautiful beaches are not only for tourists anymore. Digital nomads from all over the world are coming to Thailand to maintain a healthy relationship between work and travelling, and I can undoubtedly say that their relationships have been successful. If you are someone who is working as a digital nomad in India, Thailand is the perfect place as it is not too far from India. 

2. Spain:

Since January 20 23, Spain has been offering a digital nomad visa. The country that was initially known for its sports-related venues and facilities has now become a hub for digital nomads all around the world. People who can speak Spanish have an edge over those who can’t, but now, many places also offer services in English. Spain has been ranked as the number one European country for digital nomads, according to VisaGuide. 

3. Japan:

Japan may not seem like a conventional choice, but trust me, it is one of the best options for digital nomads due to their safety policies and high-speed internet access. Although their digital demand visa only extends up to six months, the work environment of Japan will surely convince you to apply for a visa again and again. 

4. Mexico:

Mexico is known for being a famous tourist destination all around the world but now it is slowly climbing the ladder of becoming the top destination for digital nomads in the United States and other countries as well. 


5. Argentina:

The first country from South America to make an appearance in this list is Argentina. This place is not only a tourist hotspot anymore; it is slowly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads as well. They started their digital nomad visa back in 2022 inviting nomads from all around the world. 

6. Portugal:

There is a reason that Portugal is referred to as a heaven for digital nomads. If you are someone who wants the perfect symphony of a tourist destination and a digital nomad work environment, Portugal is the place for you. They are one of the safest countries in the world with an excellent healthcare system. Even though living costs have increased, it is still cheaper than in many Western countries. 

7. Croatia:

Croatia is another exceptional place for digital nomads. It is a place full of breathing views and an awesome work environment for people from all around the world. The cost of living, however, is higher than what one would expect. If you can afford to move here, I would suggest you go for it. 



As we come towards the end of the article, make sure to research thoroughly about the place you wish to move to and pick a place that meets all your requirements while simultaneously being under your budget. All the best for your nomad journey!

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